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Monday, 1 October 2012

School Of Indonesia, Bali Island

Not even counted to get to school in the summer, when all vacation, apparently in Indonesia look at it a little differently, not as we do, the school was opened, and walked the classes, but classes were unusual.



2. In the school yard pass classes in martial arts, I was reminded a little bit about the movie Shaolin.

3. The teacher was friendly, greeted me and continued to train children.

4. The teacher shows the movement, and the children followed him all the repeats.

5. Of course, not all all turned out, the stick fell from his hand, but all tried very hard.

6. Of all the boys had a girl.

7. Up to the second floor of the school, a top view of the schoolyard.

8. All classes were empty, their desks I did not find him.

9. Only in one class were girls.

10. Team-teachers all sat down, I thought to class, it was interesting how the science will study without desks, books, notebooks and pens.

11. The teacher turned on the music and everyone stood up.

12. Cassette is that rarity.

13. It was a dance lesson.

14. Made a real Indonesian disco.


16. It seems like the school is empty, except for the school yard and in this class, but do not understand where there is a girl on the sly look at the crank with a camera.

17. Here is the class with the party, a big, wide and long.

18. Staff room.

19. Computer class, and at the entrance a huge "Tambourine", probably to call for a lesson and the lesson.

20. Since the school is almost empty, do not stay long, and goes further to know Indonesia.