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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Travel Notes From Boracay Island. 3 Day

Today was a wonderful day! Again the sun was shining! We began to explore our small island. Rented the local "taxi" in 3:00 and went to Puka Beach (shelly beach), the observation deck on Mount Luho, a local fish market and watched the evening a stunning sunset.

A. Good morning, our country! 2. A little cloudy and a little water now of a different color - greenish. 3. In order to see the little island, rented a local taxi. 1:00 - 300 Philippine pesos. It looks scary taxi, but it was much less scary than the Thai tuk-tuk, and absolutely safe in comparison with the Dominican motogoncho. 4. Let's go! The inscription on the card driver - Boracay Land Transport (Road transport Boracay). Here is then a taxi! 5. Our first stop - Puka Beach.) 6. Shelly beach and wild. There are no hotels. From the infrastructure - a few restaurants nearby and a series of souvenirs. 7. Rain for the day and so was not))) 8. Puka beach is beautiful, not like the White beach, on which we rest, and the local landscape reminded me of the Dominican Republic. 9. Local children 10. Schoolgirl 11. Then they went to the observation deck on Mount Luho. From there, really great views. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. After seeing the beauty of Boracay top, I wanted something local and colorful. Was taken to a local fish market. There is so much and on such low prices! On the fish market is sure to be a separate post! And while a few pictures) 17. I've never seen such big shrimp. Even in Thailand! 18. 19. 20. 21. My traditional dinner! 22. This delicious mango juice! 23. There were also at the third station of our beach. We decided to look different. Special to be found. Only the beach is narrower than in the first station, where we rest. 24. The most important thing! Today we finally saw the local sunset! Terribly sorry that we are on Boracay third party and only the first time I saw THIS! No comments) 25. 26. 27. 28. On this island the night. Good night! Tomorrow is another day!


Friday, 29 June 2012

Travel Notes From Boracay Island. 1-2 Days

Yesterday we flew from Hong Kong to Boracay. Unfortunately, this glorious island took us very cordially. Moving from Hong Kong, despite the short distance turned out to be very difficult because of the rise and the morning flight is delayed for 3 hours in Manila. In general, the dream as soon as possible to get to the hotel touted all Fridays, we have booked. And got ... in komorku, sprinkle dichlorvos pretty!

A. So, in order! To get to Boracay from Hong Kong should make a trip to two Hong Kong-Manila and Manila-Caticlan (the neighboring island of Boracay) + 1 transfer to the boat Caticlan-Boracay. In Hong Kong, we got up very early, at 5.30 am, have already left the hotel, as the Hong Kong-Manila flight was at 8.25 am. Flight delayed for half an hour, flew 1 hour 40 minutes. We were in a hurry to catch a flight registration Manila-Caticlan, ran counter to the register Last call (for passengers arriving late), but in the end this flight delayed by 3 hours! And these were given 3:00 uneasy because of the desire to sleep! But that is not done, all the better, since the delay was due to breakage of the plane on which we were supposed to fly, and the airline (Cebu Pacific) decided to replace the aircraft. As a result, we successfully flew for 1 hour to the airport on the neighboring to Boracay Island. At the airport we were met by a representative from the hotel and we went to the pier, which runs the boat to Boracay.  the photo piece of plate, on which we sailed for about 15 minutes to Boracay. In addition we have had the 2nd French, who were surprised that we are from Moscow. As if Paris is closer to fly! 2. At the dock I saw the local "taxi". Just remembered the Dominican Republic . Heh-heh! Local Color! 3. Cool cab? 4. But we do not go on it, as we waited at the Boracay minibus from the hotel. Met with necklaces made ​​of artificial pearls and cocktails! 5. Once gave the keys to the rooms. Booked Deluxe. 6. Here a number.To look at anything, but the hotel is really very old. Very, very, very old. I do not know who his praises, and I do not understand how such a rahvalyushka worth the money.In reality, 3 * and more! About the hotel will certainly make a detailed review, but for now tell you about our misadventures. When included, felt unreal to smell like dichlorvos! To breathe this stuff was really dumb! We called the reception desk, a guy came in with the air freshener, we have included the air conditioner on full blast and decided to go out. 7. A meal at the Boracay can be canceled! Seafood dam! 8. King prawns! Beauties) After dinner, the study area and returned to our Deluxe № 32 (which more resembled a komorku with the repair of the 60s). We went to bed and realized that on this stuff = dichlorvos, which splattered room, and you can die by accident. Air freshener with a ventilation and air conditioning did not help. Even on the beach someone celebrates his birthday and played music that is not what prevented sleep, but could wake the dead! In the end, after the next portion of inhaling deadly fumes from the spray of insects, which carefully sprayed our room, I was in hysterics rang at 23 o'clock at the reception and asked me to move NOW! We must pay tribute, which reacted immediately, but said that now there is only a free superior, which is worse than our current issue (much much worse????!!!!! !). In the end we had to sleep one night in a small room without a superior windows and doors. Things from our poisoned insect spray Deluxe, thank God, did not have to endure! 9. Here is the number 47 superior. He is very small and miserable! Where there is a window open and they, I do not understand! The night was hell! The apotheosis of the night were the explosions in the street, from which I jumped (well actually a stutterer can stay!) With ear plugs plugged ears! This is b .. (Pancake), was a salute in honor of someone's birthday, or wedding. I was lying and asked God to move me to another place! And the mosquitoes! 10. Morning came, and I clearly understand one thing - I hate this island and this hotel ... Here's our superiror no windows and doors from the outside, where we pass the night. 11. Morning was sunny. The first sunny day in Boracay after heavy rains. A good sign) 12. Evil went to breakfast. The view from the restaurant made ​​us a little smile))) 13. The hotel breakfast is not buffet style, and serves different sets. My husband took a Japanese breakfast (miso soup, scrambled eggs, salmon, rice and vegetables) 14. I took an American breakfast (eggs, sausage, bacon, ham, potatoes and vegetables). For breakfast you can choose a tea / coffee and a glass of freshly squeezed juice. We thank the god of the breakfast included in room rates, as for my money went was 600-800 rubles for one. 15. Here's what our hotel Fridays. In the style of "a la Robinson Crusoe," and so called "Friday". After a hellish night in two rooms, I really felt like Robinson ... 16. But the gods had mercy on us, and we passed two key poisoned by Deluxe number 32, which we initially had to live, and wretched superior number 47. I asked to move us for any money in the room category above - Premier. .  And, oh! a miracle! We get the key of the category number 21 Premier at no additional cost, because the hotel is very upset that this happened to us and we are unhappy. Of course! When I phoned the reception, I called herself "died insect" (a dead insect!). Number, of course, was not much better ... as in this hotel absolutely everything in the rooms need to be updated 30 years ago! But we finally started to relax! 18. Our terrace with a hammock in front of number 19. Comforting fruits in the room for the inconvenience! 20. That's it! At the cocktail and the sea! 21. Our beach - White beach (White Beach) - one of the best beaches in the world. 22. I donated yesterday, on arrival necklaces! What is good-then disappear) 23. 24. The hotel beds. It is very broad. Today we even lay on one together. 11 am - nothing taken! 25. Here is what is seen with loungers) 26. In the sea! Swim! Air + 30 + 27 water. Beauty! Our hotel from the sea. 27. Someone today will be a wedding 28. Well, a couple of pictures ... 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. I hope that this last number of our stay ... Good night! PS There is free internet wi-fi and I can communicate with you to keep, my dear Friend. Life is getting better!