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Monday, 26 March 2012

Street Food. Istanbul

Just get better - taste good to eat in Istanbul at all unrealistic. 
The Ottoman Cuisine expensive restaurants will impress your heart and bring joy to the stomach for sure. How can you resist the most tender lamb fillet, which languished in a mint gravy more than 4 hours? Enjoy - we were served a meal on the evening of our arrival in Istanbul at the restaurant of our hotel, which is located on an open rooftop terrace overlooking the Bosphorus. 

In Istanbul, there are many places where you can not just remove the appetite, but really good food, spending an unforgettable evening with close friends and acquaintances. The numerous cafes are located in the city center along all pedestrian streets, near the hotels, in comfortable and pleasant villages

But I will devote most of their report is street food. For eating on the street in Istanbul - it is not even a ritual, and, perhaps, a cult. Needless to say that such a perfect food clean and safe.
Here they are - in the early morning yawning street magicians Turkish fast food. They have not slept a little, trying to offer you the most delicious and fresh - roasted chestnuts and mussels stuffed with rice.

Here they are - these mussels. 2 lira per pair (if small) 3 lira - if large. However, bargaining is appropriate here ;))) By the way, if you want to know how much you have spent money on this vkusnoty in rubles - for simplicity, you can multiply one lira for 20 rubles. That is, a pair of mussel pilaf just something will cost you 40 rubles. So do not be greedy - select larger)))

Such is the "diet" tea time with a wonderful Turkish beer and mussels will cost you .... uh ... now ... seekundochku poroyus in the records ... in the general beer bottle at a cafe 3.5 lira lira for 2 + mussels, a total of 05.05 pounds or 110 rubles))))

Yes, it's all in a hurry in the morning on business. But how to resist the aroma of boiled and baked corn? Total is one of the lyre? Yes, and at a comfortable wooden stick like a popsicle)))

We strongly recommend you try the "salmon ve ekmek" (turetsk. fish with bread), and most delicious - look for it here on these carts near the Galata Bridge, or Eminonu on the waterfront

Here it is - the salmon ekmek

I will say on a huge secret - not worth spending the extra money in the numerous cafes on the Galata Bridge, better go over the bridge (from Eminonu to the fish market, it will be left of the bridge) - there you will find some wonderful cafes with a simple situation. Here are some of these -

There will certainly order a plate of crispy anchovy and pilaf

Oh, how this vakusna anchovy! Eaten in its entirety, it is nice pohrustev fried crust and melted in your mouth. Portion for 4 lira was so great that half of unfinished anchovy pilaf, we took with us the next day we had a full dinner on the beach Princes' Islands (but I will write about the island's separate Postica)
Thus, a magical dinner with pilaf and anchovy + lots and lots of juicy arugula + beer (from under the floor - still a Muslim country) cost us double to 400 rubles. And as a bonus we have brought a large plate of fruit: cherries, strawberries, plums)

But to eat with floating boats (for some reason, many recommend to visit this cafe near boats) - DO NOT recommend. The fish here often to dry and the expression of those cooks is not encouraging

Here's the photo below - these vaunted (in my view - incorrectly) fish floating cafe. In general, it should be noted that the most delicious food for sale in Istanbul, not where "beautifully decorated", but where you see happy faces and friendly people eaters vendors and cooks.

And now for the meat dishes. The real discovery for me was kokorech. Wonderful tasty food Chopped lamb giblets. When cooking resembles the familiar Shawarma, only horizontal.

Cozy Corner Kokorechnoy:

Merchant simitami Eminonu on the waterfront

A roasted chestnuts! Mmmmmm! Sweet, juicy and flavorful - do not pass by!

Bear Tea mess))) You will eat anywhere you want and what you want. But all day, all shops, cafes, a ferry, the hotel, you will be offering this wonderful glass cup of tea

But Turkish coffee in Istanbul drinking mostly tourists. The present inhabitants of Istanbul drink tea!

And do not deny yourself the pleasure of drinking a glass or two of refreshing fresh juices! In total some 2.1 lira and your body is filled with vitamins, antioxidants, and the soul is filled with bliss, and bliss)))

Well, the Turkish beer on a hot day, too, adds a positive

What a mentally dine at the legendary cafes "Ali Baba" - which is right in front of the Suleymaniye Mosque. Lentil soup and amazingly delicious bread. And, of course - the glove box of tea

What a magical view of the mosque itself (which will certainly write a separate Postica)

But about the cafes "Ali Baba", perhaps, explain here

See the date of the base salt shaker at the cafe you see? Yes - in 1924. Interesting people there were in this cafe in 1 and 2, World War II. It so happened that Istanbul has managed to take a position of neutrality in a turbulent time when the fate of the world. But at the same time - was the glory of the capital of the world of espionage. What are the only agents of the global intelligence not seen in these tables ...

Dondurma. Look at the evil face of the seller. No, sorry, not the seller, but rather - the magician, the fakir, entertainer, for the purchase of dondurmy - it's always a little show

You'll stay as long with an empty waffle cones in their hands, while your gloomy for some reason the person does not light up a smile, and all around you do not meet the audience laughing heartily

And in this cafe on the street, Istiklal you can taste the real Italian ice cream

In addition to snacks at street kiosks ("byufe"), you can also buy cigarettes, crisps, ice cream, candy. From soft drinks in the summer in the course of freshly squeezed orange juice and, of course, fermented Ira, in the winter - hot salep (a drink made from dried roots of mountain orchids).
But in these kiosks (since the construction of the Ottoman Empire!) Can be bought Ira and other tasty melochovku

It is impossible to remain unmoved at the sight of so sweet

And sometimes - purely for a change - you can buy lots and lots of vegetables that's fine,

And, you can buy a watermelon as a whole, and in cutting (you put the cut pieces of watermelon in a large plastic cup, plastic will fork, and eat to your health!

And these nuts? seeds? that with such gusto cracking seller, we decided not to try for some reason. If anyone knows - what is it? Next time I'll be in Istanbul - try)))

And at the nearest supermarket to buy a jar stunning Turkish yogurt (oh, why, why?? We do not know how to do this??), A huge bunch arugula, tomatoes and cucumbers and skhomyachit it all at the hotel or take a picnic to the park on the Gulhane

In a plastic cup on the left - amazingly delicious pickled vegetables in a brine of pomegranate juice and green balls - it's juicy tart plums, which just was already in the pore at the end of May and was a wonderful appetizer for tequila)))

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The Market In Munich

Awesome rynochek in Munich. The hand does not go past the turning, as if to say bringing back. And you know what? You do not have to endure, to go. Some salt Gurke, 40 cents apiece, what cost, and how to crackle. It is situated not far from Marienplatz, close to the Cathedral of St. Peter.

A. What is there just no? There are all, as in Greece, all fresh and delicious.

Two. Pickles and marinades. You can buy in quantity from one piece, less just does not make sense.

Three. All neatly, quickly and neatly.

4. And how wondrous then kind of noble fungus, not a single worm.

Five. Already packaged.

6. Interestingly, half of you can buy?

7. Aspen. In the background some strange mushrooms, but the Dutch did not pull.

Eight. At zhareshku.

9. Achievements of the European agricultural industry.

10. Imports from Asia, like it was from the garden.

11. Zelenyuha. All as a selection.

12. From diversity to forget their native language, although, in German, these words are found, that not every time, and read-it turns out.

13. Strangled for these tomatoes. Seller itself looks foods mashed immediately clears up.

14. Exotics. Half of the fruit had seen the first time.

15. Well, to calm, after shopping, you can eat on the market. Shank, frankfurters, sausages, mix and good German beer. And why is everything so honestly and calmly?