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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Luxembourg. Luxembourg

At the entrance to the city-country from Belgium Journeying through the tall bridge. Most impressive in Luxembourg number of viaducts. The city is not large, in principle, like the whole country, in Moscow to the airport you can go much longer than to pass on through the entire country of Luxembourg. You can spend a walk around the city a couple of hours, and then only if the weather is good. Everything is nearby, within walking distance) According to the shop, a country rich and prosperous enough local gentlemen. Many migrant workers of color, crawling under the wheels on the road, all relaxed.

A. Green City. Adolphe Bridge, Savings Bank and the prospect of freedom.

Two. Crossing the state border, just after the tall bridge.

Three. De Ville Gothel. It is not so well in Paris and Ho Chi Minh City)))

4. Monument Square, the historical credibility, was a serious man.

Five. It seems to center, and the little people!?

6. The palace of the Duke of Luxembourg, his house was not, had to go further. Parliament seat immediately.

7. Cathedral of Notre Dame. Much more modest than in Paris.

Eight. The monument to the Duchess Charlotte.

9. State Bank in the bush.

10. Viaduct.

11. Bridge-known - to them. Adolf.

12. The town is small - but the flagpole and the flag is not child-like giant.

13. GĂ«lle Fra - "golden woman" to the monument has disappeared - no luck. One without the monument looks unfinished. I wonder where to go? Monument to the peaceful Luxembourgers, who fought with the Germans in the fields of the First World.

14. The central streets of the 1.

15. The central streets of the two.

16. The central streets 3.

17. The man-horse with a compass and a stick! Jolly Monument.

18. And this is even cooler.

In general, my personal opinion, if you have time, you can call in Luxembourg for lunch, take a walk after a long journey and buy a magnet. If time is short, it is better to drive, it's small, but very goordoe, not the state, not the city. But to celebrate the new year there's cool - quiet, calm, in a European.

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