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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The Market In Munich

Awesome rynochek in Munich. The hand does not go past the turning, as if to say bringing back. And you know what? You do not have to endure, to go. Some salt Gurke, 40 cents apiece, what cost, and how to crackle. It is situated not far from Marienplatz, close to the Cathedral of St. Peter.

A. What is there just no? There are all, as in Greece, all fresh and delicious.

Two. Pickles and marinades. You can buy in quantity from one piece, less just does not make sense.

Three. All neatly, quickly and neatly.

4. And how wondrous then kind of noble fungus, not a single worm.

Five. Already packaged.

6. Interestingly, half of you can buy?

7. Aspen. In the background some strange mushrooms, but the Dutch did not pull.

Eight. At zhareshku.

9. Achievements of the European agricultural industry.

10. Imports from Asia, like it was from the garden.

11. Zelenyuha. All as a selection.

12. From diversity to forget their native language, although, in German, these words are found, that not every time, and read-it turns out.

13. Strangled for these tomatoes. Seller itself looks foods mashed immediately clears up.

14. Exotics. Half of the fruit had seen the first time.

15. Well, to calm, after shopping, you can eat on the market. Shank, frankfurters, sausages, mix and good German beer. And why is everything so honestly and calmly?

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