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Saturday, 12 January 2013

Penang And Penang. Visa Run To Malaysia. Day One.

Penang and Penang. Visa run to Malaysia. Day one.
Around the middle of January 2012, we ended month Thai visa. We decided to cheat and fly to another country, and still make a visa for 3 months. Left Malta with our friend who is almost just arrived from Russia, and moved on.

I am very worried for a donut, as it is very fastidious in everything from the food, and the last place for sleeping. We are constantly asked to send us a photo of Malta online.

Tickets to Malaysia, we bought in advance online. In Asia, there is such a great airline Air Asia. These airlines are very convenient to use, as they fly often, a lot of directions, but the animals do not take on board. Aircraft operating within Asia, as buses. Distances between countries are small. The flight takes about an hour or two. As soon as some passengers go, once more loaded, and the pilot directs the "transport" back. I first thought that was strange, but Asians were excellent "pilot" :)

We arrived at the airport early to go to the store Victoria's Secret, which is in the Duty Free. If anyone is interested, after checking luggage and other things, you have to go to the big stores along the gallery to the left, almost to the end. From the first time not all get to find the coveted office, but it's there :) But poor range. A lot of makeup, all the spirits, accessories, pants and shirts, but as such, no linen. But I've gained so much spray and perfume, she thought, I will not be allowed on the flight.

On the plane we ran back to back, but it turned out that it is still waiting. Late on Asian flights do not recommend, as no one will wait and look for hands-free at the airport, as is customary in Russian tourists. Gate closes approximately 40 minutes prior to departure, all aboard for 20.

We flew long, one and a half hours, I think. You can buy a ticket, which is already on the food. But we bought for a promotion, so it was not before. Menu is at each passenger as catalog Duty free. Air Asia food was very tasty. The food is good all without exception. During the short flight time to instruct you to take orders, to feed. Air Asia flight attendants have a cool red form. They look really cute in it.

We landed on the island of Penang and Penang. Immediately bought a phone card with the Internet and went to look for the bus. Hotels are expensive, so we booked a hostel. That is, all of their rooms, and toilets and showers - are common.

If you do not like to freeze, then take with you on the plane socks and a jacket at least, because Air Asia cut in air conditioners at full capacity. And in Penang terrible heat! It is hotter than in Thailand. The sun beats down mercilessly. After living in Tae 2 months, we strongly tanned is in Malaysia, so do not forget sunscreen, otherwise you can see all the sights.

The island is washed by the Andaman Sea. Centre Penang - Georgetown. That's where we went on a bus from the airport. Currency Malaysia - Ringgit. 1 Ringgit approximately equal to 10 rubles. Penang speak in Malay and different dialects of Chinese, but many understand English. Plus the local alphabet letters are used, so easy to read the different names for easy orientation on the island.

My mistake was that I was not previously read about Penang. On arrival I was in for a surprise. All the women were wrapped in paranzhu. Most often black. Of course, there were also ladies in bright, but even if they were pants, her hair hidden under a scarf, arms, neck closed. In general, the state religion - Islam. Looked at me with curiosity. Men was clearly interested, and women once looked unhappy. Since we came to a light, I could think of nothing better than to dress up in short open dress, other clothing was the same by local standards. Saved that I was with her husband, and that Penang - a tourist.

Penang - a former British colony. On the island are all very beautiful and colorful. We arrived in the evening, so until we got to the hostel, it was already dark, given that darkens in Asia as early as 6. Hostel we pleased. He was very comfortable and beautiful with a large plasma, soft sofas, a nice breakfast in the company of Europeans. Our room was on the second floor. I was afraid that the shower or the toilet will be constantly busy, but, despite the large number of guests, everything is left to chance. Booths are many and they are all on the terrace. It's very at home: all are jars of cream, shampoos, shower gels. Everywhere dried stuff.

We must remember that in Malaysia the other standard plugs for laptops and other equipment. We do not provided, so the middle of the second day we all discharges completely.

Russell, we went in search of food. Prices are slightly higher than in Tae, but still acceptable. While we were dining in a cafe, we went to the owner's dog. I for some reason :) I remember very little exists. Apparently, the mixture York with someone. We zatiskali her, of course. And then I found her tick. I had to pull out. Dog was quiet. Donut would have long otgryzla my hand :) Until that day, I thought that all the mites remained in Russia.

Then we walked around Georgetown. Lying on the grass, riding on a swing, gulped fruit from the cart makashnika, sitting on the parapet of the sea, and ran downstairs and the food the rats :) But to them we have become accustomed in Tae. After such a busy day, it was decided to go to bed in the morning to go for a visa. What happened next, read the following article.