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Sunday, 25 November 2012

Manila, Philippines

Travel Notes, Day 1

Yesterday got to Manila, the capital of the Philippines. Arrived late afternoon, so especially to shoot and did not have time to take a walk. First impressions are good - the heat, the taxi is cheap, tasty food, good people.

01. You fly over the Philippines - all flooded!

02. Beauty! Everywhere grow rice.


04. We fly from Manila - begin warehouses.



07. Luxury housing in the middle of flooded fields ...

08. Normal home ;)


10. Manila is the most populous city in the world

11. Shopping center.

12. This is the church. It is difficult to imagine anything more tasteless.

13. Slums are directly under the airport fence.

14. The city center.

15. The view from my window.

16. Cyclists here do not favor.

17. In Manila, there is a good modern districts with restaurants, bars and expensive hotels.

18. Subways here close at 10 pm.

19. It is believed that decent people have nothing to do in the city after a 10, and let the machine churning indecent. To cross the road should the stile over the fence.

20. Bus stop.

21. Garbage piled at intersections.

22. Slums in the city center.



25. Internet cafes.





Friday, 2 November 2012

Vietnam. Market In Mui Ne.

Market in Mui Ne is notable not only for its authentic look. In addition to the contemplation of retail space, you can buy exotic fruits - durian, longan, rambutan, Dragon, Mangosteen ... 

As the theater begins in the hanger, and the market starts from the parking lot. Parked near the market - who it wants, ie as well as in almost all the villages of Vietnam. The market consists of several buildings, but only one of them is capital - with concrete columns and a more or less flat roof. 

The remaining structures are sheds on drevyannyh props, somehow covered with rusty iron sheets. 

Sun protection stalls adjacent to buildings, using large pieces fleece. 

Places awnings hang so low and high Vietnamese stoop to pass. 

French colonialists trained local people have prints. Therefore, even in the village market, you can easily get fresh loaf with a crispy crust. 

Fruit and vegetable market share. Here tourists are particularly pleased - they rarely traded, and in most cases pay proposals, by local standards, inflated price. 

Trade not only from the shelves - many goods laid out on the ground. 

The people crowding the narrow aisles, if someone buys something - there is a traffic jam, all are waiting for the completion of the transaction. 

Division of the market on the part of the range is very conditional. Nobody is illegal to sell a number of fruit live ducklings. 

After going through the ranks with fruits and vegetables fall into the fish-meat part. 

Range of rows of fish are not known raznooboraziem. 

Mainly sell small fish, probably a big thing of the restaurants serving tourists. 

Traders, awaiting buyers razdelyvaayut fish big scissors. 

Meat on the market are few. Eggs sold by the piece, one counter with fish and shellfish. 

Is on the market and non-food products. You can buy clothes, shoes, household, hygiene items. 

In the market cafe offers traditional soup pho. 

With the onset of the midday heat market is empty, there is a few presonal responsible for cleaning the area. 

Garbage piled in large wicker baskets. 

The empty market.