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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Szechenyi Baths, Budapest.

The park Varoshliget near Heroes' Square is the famous Szechenyi bath. It is a huge number of outdoor pools with warm water, several swimming pools in the room, a variety of saunas, steam rooms, saunas, physiotherapy is drinking well, and so. In short, if you want to take a steam, swim, healthy and fun in the water park, only without the slides, you are here.

The main entrance into the pool like a theater with columns and statues.
02. Széchenyi Baths is one of the most popular places for tourists and for local people, a lot of people.
There is always a chess fans.
06. source feeds the pool water treatment, rising from a depth of 1256 meters.
In Budapest, a lot of baths, and others, but this is the most popular.
10. Széchenyi Thermal bath - one of the largest complexes in Europe.

Monday, 28 May 2012

Sacrifice "Tasattyk". Khazakstan

Sacrifice "Tasattyk"
In the small village of Sata Almaty region for a month there was no rain and then the people decided to "Tasatyk." "Tasatyk" - is testament left by the ancestors, invocation of God's grace. In many regions, he was elevated to the rank of a separate festival, with its own characteristics. Our readers Sanat Ongarbaevu lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time

1. Sata month shy away from rain. No rain - no good grass, no grass - no fat cattle. "Tasatyk" was held as requested for the rain, and the lamb was atoning sacrifice for the lives of thousands of their fellow

2. The first, as usual, came to the elderly and children

3. Kumarkan-ata - the initiator and organizer of the action at the venue was in the early morning, and everyone tried to help as far as strength and capabilities. His name is "Kum-noose" - can be read as "sandy rope." Is this some kind of symbolism, not otherwise

4. Ritulnye guns

5. Sata - Livestock village, where everyone keeps cattle. On the ram for the sacrifice formed the whole village

6. Prayer-ordination

7. "... Forgive us for our transgression, and may be pleasing to Thee our sacrifice ..."




11. In the shedding of blood - the whole point of the victim

12. Sacrificial blood is needed to squeeze out a drop of

13. "Let them go with the blood of our misery and drought"

14. "The river, the river, take blood! Bring the rain!"

15. It was only after the river Chilik took with him a victim, began a routine - razdelyvanie sheep

16. Tired

17. The sacrificial meat is needed to carve specific pieces of

18. In addition, it is necessary to pay tribute to the land

19. Guts give a special sweet broth - sorpa

20. Meat should be cut into small pieces to immediately placed in a cauldron

21. - Apa! Apa! I also want to wash your colon!
- Take your time, my girl, your time will come - namoeshsya

22. Head - a symbol of food, so you need to pitch it particularly qualitative

23. The liver needs a little hold on the air, then it is especially tasty


25. The first to sit at the table - old men, women and children

26. The youngest of these apashek - 72 years old, they went on foot from village 5 km, so that, according to them, before his death to look at people

27. Apashkam liked to be photographed

28. Ulbolsyn-up to war 15-year-old girl grazed horses in the mountains

29. In the meantime, keep up the meat

30. Even firewood!

31. Suyyndyk-ata zashutili old woman, and he went away dissatisfied with wood

32. Sorpa ... rich, thick

33. And it is the elders

34. Less than 40 minutes after the sacrifice, as it began to rain! It will soon be closed, but will go all night and next day

35. In fact, this is a very good grandmother

36. Old people were happy as children


38. Rain, do not stop!

39. - Yes, you hug it tight! - My grandmother cry because of a nearby tree - now will not bite!

40. Children delight knew no bounds, they have grown into a circle

41. Dog or posed to me, and she liked to feel deprived. Thus, seroshivshis she was about 20 minutes

42. Rain rain, and the meat is done!

43. Its still need to chop

44. In Sata instead of the usual pieces of dough boiled noodles

45. Arrange the meat - a separate ritual

46. Cut and lay the meat on the need to age hierarchy

47. Already bear, bear!

48. Head - a symbol of Kazakh dastarkhan

49. Yes, your prayers will come true! My people, the Kazakhs are mine!

50. Life goes on ...