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Friday, 25 May 2012

Mosques Of Istanbul

The most beautiful of the architecture, which is in Istanbul - a mosque. Frankly, they like me more than our churches. In the first of its simplicity and ease of air interior.
(29 photos)


1. Sultan Ahmet Mosque (Blue Mosque) is one of the most beautiful and famous. It is a pity that the bright blue sky above it, we have not seen.



4. Before entering the mosque and the prayer must perform ritual washing - wudu (ablution small, there is still great - ghusl).
Qur'an: Sura 5, verse 6: "O ye who believe! When it comes to prayer, then wash your faces and hands to the elbows, wipe your head and legs to his ankles. "
But the process is not so simple:
"Before performing wudu should not say out loud Basmil (the phrase" Bismillyahir-Rahmanir-Raheem "which means" In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful "). The ritual is performed in the following sequence:
1. Start washing hands before brushes - 3 times 
2. Rinse mouth - 3 times 
3. Rinse nose - 3 times 
4. Rinse face - 3 times 
5. Wash your right hand to the elbow - 3 times 
6. Wash his left arm to the elbow - 3 times 
7. Wet your hands and carry them through the hair from his forehead to the neck and back - 1 time 
8. At the same time index fingers of both hands to wipe inside the ears and the thumbs behind the ears. It is permissible for this wet palms separately after wiping the hair on his head. - 1 time 
9. Wash his right leg to ankle - 3 times 
10. Wash your left foot to ankle - 3 times
At the end of the washing should pronounce shahada (the formula of Monotheism): "Ashhadu al-la * Ela * Ha Il-la Lla * x, ya Ashhadu anna Muhammadali district race Lla * any * x", which means "I bear witness that there is no deity worthy worship except God (Allah), and I testify that Muhammad - a servant and messenger of Allah. "

5. After the ritual ablution can enter a mosque. Before entering all the required take off their shoes. True odor because it is not the best :) Women must cover their heads.

6. In all the mosques, where we were from the ceiling on long chains hanging lamps. I really like the patterns that adorn the ceiling and walls.




10. Men and women pray separately.

11. Opposite the Blue Mosque is located another religious building - the Cathedral of Hagia Sophia. In the guidebooks write that it is here that the envoys of Vladimir the Red Sun acquainted with the Christian faith. What I personally doubt it. I think they were aware of before. Later the temple was rebuilt as a mosque and now a museum.





16. On some walls preserved mosaic with Christian subjects.

17. Traces changing religions.

18. A new mosque. Built it a long 68 years, because construction was stopped because of the change of the sultans. New preferred to first build the Blue Mosque.





23. The interiors of the harem.





28. Often write that the women wanted to get into the harem. I wonder what they think about themselves?)


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