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Saturday, 5 May 2012

Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia 3

Subway and monorail in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Continues to analyze shooting from a recent trip to Asia. Today I would like to show you the underground and monorail in the capital of Malaysia, Kula Lumpur.Metro is very uncomfortable. About the monorail generally silent. I've never met a successful monorail. Even in Moscow decided to abandon this senseless and inconvenient form of public transport. But the Kuala Lumpur Monorail and Metro is very convenient for advertising. They sell everything. You can buy the whole station. Advertising zaveshivat wall construction of stations, the interiors of cars and the trains themselves. It looks terrible. No matter what anyone says, and the Moscow Metro is the most beautiful. 

01. Entrance to one of the stations. As you can see, the whole station plastered ads Samsung. 

02. It's also all advertising. 

03. All surfaces of the station you can buy. 

04. Here is the clean station. 

05. Purchases zhetonchik. Price depends on number of stations. 

06. Turnstiles. By the way, they say, all the subway lines owned by different companies. When transplanting need to buy a new ticket. This is generally a nightmare. 

07. Zhetonchik must first apply to the sensor, and the end of the trip down to exit. 

08. Way to shut the glass platform that hosts the ad. 

09. This station is clean. As you can see, nothing special. Cheap ceiling. All stations are identical. 

10. A train without a driver, you can look out the window. 

11. In the cars have a special place for disabled people. There is even a strap to buckle up. 

12. The train enters the station. 

13. In some places, the metro is on the street. 

14. And this is a monorail. Absolutely stupid and inconvenient system. The stations look like this: 

15. The train itself is a two car turned into a billboard. All plastered with advertising. 

16. At each station hangs a list of prohibitions. 

17. Trains ... 

18. Advertise on rails .... 

19. The stations are all the same. Dull, gray and dirty. 


21. Apparently branding of trains does not bring enough revenue, so all support the monorail is also plastered with advertising. 



24. Cab. 

25. Inside the air conditioned. 


27. Even in the diagram lines have managed to sell advertising. Each station has a sponsor. 

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