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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Subway In Singapore

Now look at the Singapore subway. He is bright, clean, modern, but very uncomfortable. I guess I just had bad luck with the routes, but less than two transplants had never worked. Singapore subway - just a cheap way to move around the city. This station is relatively young, it has emerged in the late 1980s.By the way, Singapore is unique in that the subway here - the main transportation in the state.

To start a cutscene about the subway. Very cool!

01. Log in to the station ..

02. Or this ... By the way, each station has a number! It is very convenient to navigate.

03. Tickets are only sold in vending machines. Cost poedki from 1.5 to 4 dollars.

04. Instead of tickets - a plastic card. Pledge to pay for it - $ 1. After a trip you can take it into the machine and return the collateral. Unfortunately, the card can not be recharged. That is, every time you have to take it and charge the new one. Also, the automaton does not accept large bills. If you do not have little things - you need to exchange the box office. If you plan to develop Singapore for a long time, I recommend to buy a travel card «EZ-Link«. The use of such cards, reduce the cost of the fare on the subway. In addition, the card you can pay on the buses, or even to pay for purchases in stores. Fill up the card's account, it is necessary in special kiosks, or in devices for the sale of cards.

05. Turnstiles.

06. Lobbies are spacious and bright.

07. The stations, almost all the same ...

08. Very similar to Kuala Lumpur, only without the commercials and everything is clean.


10. Areas of transition point on the floor. It is very convenient. Moscow is a must to make such stickers, and then hanging the signs are not always convenient to navigate.

11. Station.

12. Another station.

13. Paths are separated from the waiting room by a glass wall that opens only on arrival of the train onto the platform. This allows you to save the climate station. All underground stations are air-conditioned.

14. In Singapore subway can not smoke, eat, carry durian. For violation of these rules should be fine.

15. Markings on the floor so as not to interfere with outgoing passengers.

16. Driverless trains. Everything is very clean and beautiful. In the middle, along the train, there are bars to passengers to be comfortable to hold. Seats are located on either side of the car.

17. You can walk between the cars. All trains with air conditioning.

18. Places for the disabled and elderly people can not borrow. They are always free.

19. You can look out the window.

20. Tunnel. Incidentally, one of the reasons for banning chewing gum in this country is linked to the subway. Previously, such strict rules about chewing gum was not until there was an automatic subway. Local residents, stick gum on the door closure sensors. Sensors signaled obstruction, and the train doors could not close that naturally entailed a failure to train schedule. Solve the problem fundamentally hard and fast - banned chewing gum.

21. Off-peak hours.

22. Most terrestrial plants.

23. At all underground stations have an elevator.

24. And be sure the toilet.

25. Clean, nice and free toilet.

26. Social Advertising)

This is underground - the southernmost in the Old World (Europe, Asia, Africa). And most likely in the near future, nothing in this area will not change.

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