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Friday, 25 May 2012


This Pictures, a collaboration of several photographers, dedicated to Jose, who recalls his creativity that human dignity is of paramount importance even in dystopia.

1. Dumaguete, Philippines. - The fisherman went to sea at sunset, the island of Negros Visayas, Philippines. Negros is an island of volcanic origin, the basis of its economy was agriculture. The island's population of 3.7 million people.

2. Zamboanguita, Philippines. - Fishermen selling daily catch. Fishing is very vital for the Philippines, at the expense of the industry, there are about two million people.However, the populations of fish in this area at present is rapidly decreasing.

3. Tanzay, Philippines. - Working on the farm by hand blowing rice near the village of Tanzi. Rice is one of the main crop of Asia. According to research, consumption of rice is increasing all the time, and the demand has long been higher than supply. The main reason is the rapid population growth in the region, particularly in the Philippines.

4. Dumanguete, Philippines. - Merchant and fruit tray with your child in the city in the province of Negros Dumanguezhte. About 35% of the Philippine population has not yet reached the age of fourteen. In general, the population is increasing annually by 2%.

5. Dumanguete, Philippines. - A woman sells brooms and brooms handmade downtown Dumanguete. According to official statistics, more than 30 million Filipinos live below the poverty line, the daily wages of many of them are less than $ 2.5.

6. Tanzay, Philippines. - Rice grains are separated from the chaff in the field near the town of Tanzay. International Rice Research Institute has estimated that farmers in Asia to produce annually 38 million tonnes more rice in order to equalize supply and demand by 2015.

7. Pulang Bato, Philippines. - Bicyclists are moving through the rapids near the village of Pulang Bato on the island of Negros. On the Visayas dialect, "pulang Bato" means "red stone".

8. Zamboanguita, Philippines. - Seller healing potions and tinctures at the fair in Zamboanguita. Medical care in the Philippines, most of the residents is not available, but drugs are for them too expensive. Therefore, potions and tinctures are a common way of treating disease, and besides - a means against the wiles of evil spirits.

9. Dumanguete, Philippines. - A girl with a guitar on a motorcycle in the central city market Dumanguete. Until the seventh grade schooling is compulsory. However, according to official information, most left school after completing the fifth grade.

10. Dumanguete, Philippines. The woman at the beauty salon.

11. Palanguyon, Philippines. - Working on the farm goes through packs and rice. In the Philippines, where the mechanization of labor is poor, the majority of agricultural operations is performed manually.

12. Dumanguete, Philippines. A child on a bicycle-way through the marshes, in the background - fishing nets, decorated with colorful flags.

13. Dumanguete, Philippines. - Night ferry crosses the Strait of Tanon, which separates the island of Cebu and Negros. Volcano on the island of Negros and remains active to this day.

14. Dumanguete, Philippines. - Collectors of molluscs on the rocky coast Dumanguete. About 75% of the total area of ​​coral reefs have been destroyed, although the nation is totally dependent on fishing, and prosperity of the country is inextricably linked with favorable ecological situation.

15. Dumanguete, Philippines. - Intersection of Colon and Perdises in Dumanguete, which is considered the capital of biking in the Philippines. Annually in more than 30 thousand registered motorcycles, mostly proivzedennyh in China. That cheapness of this vehicle is its main advantage for the locals.

16. Dumanguete, Philippines. -The rising moon over the Strait of Tanon, rocky coast Dumanguete

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