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Saturday, 5 May 2012

Venice, Italy.

Venice - a place of pilgrimage for tourists from all over the world. It is located in a vast lagoon on 118 islands connected by 160 canals, through which airlifted more than 400 bridges. It is best to wander around Venice on foot, passing through the bridge, moving on, "Fondamenta" - Venetian "embankments", narrow sidewalks, walking along the canals, wandering through Callie (calli) - narrow streets, overlooking the square, decorated with beautiful churches and elegant palaces.
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Source: Learn / pabloz 
A. For most of Venice , or you can move around on foot or by tram water, and if a hotel in Venice itself, the zadolbalsya to get to it. In addition to the Piazza Roma parking costs 24 euros per night, with no hourly wage that robbery. Near the hotel was free parking at night for 10 euros at night. From the hotel to Venice can be easily reached by bus for 1 Euro. 10 minutes to go.
Two. All the steps that can be found in Venice, very close zasizheny tourists.
Three. Masks - absolutely useless things, and there are also nuclear money. Sold at every turn.
4. Ancient buildings look very nice.
Five. The people of the crowd. Even though it was, and Monday.
6. Narrow-narrow streets.
7. Dilapidated houses, shabby.
9. But in large channels all looks very nice.
10. But if you look in another direction - the opposite is true.
11. Most luxurious mailboxes!
12. Channels. How to live in Venice without their own boat - a mystery!
13. Heaps kitayskiyh craft ala made in Italy.
15. This is already the next morning and the view of Venice from the sea, where the port. Do not think that this is the same city.
17. Cafe with 3 tables on the narrow street - very elegant. Almost everywhere are fed delicious. The main thing that was not turistico menu.
19. But of course the water is very dirty. It so lucky that did not stink. People told me that when very hot, it still stinks.
20. Lost in the narrow streets you can easily run into a museum, which is kind of like right on the street.
21. Symbols carnival everywhere.
23. A lot of shops with all sorts of accessories for letter, paper, albums, hand-made. Prices atomic. But it looks very cool! For registration office - better than you can imagine.
25. Underwear on the street - a standard theme.
26. Gondoliers. They were there very much.
28. Near the main bridge. You can only pass with difficulty, and pushing all the elbows.
29. Chinese and Japanese - the crowd! From our hotel in the morning has left four of the bus.
33. Piazza San Marco like. This is where the pigeons.
34. In one of the cafes on the square an orchestra. Judging by the empty tables - or chow or a hideous price of nuclear power.From this area in the direction of Piazza Roma is the main shopping street of Venice. Boutiques LV, Gucci, Burbery, Bvlgary, Tod's, Hermes, and the same with them. Most tourists are photographed against the backdrop of boutiques.
38. And of course heaps of people with bags. It is those who have booked a hotel in Venice itself. There still walk without luggage can be hung, and with no luggage is no need to Venice.

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