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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

China Is. Great Wall Of China.

There exists an opinion that it is the only building of human hands, which can be seen with the naked eye from space. 
Contrary to prevailing opinion, the Great Wall is not visible to the naked eye from space station, although the satellite images it shows.

The Chinese call it the wonder of the world, "Wang Li Cheng," which literally means "a wall of ten thousand li."
Construction of the first wall began in the III century BC during the reign of Emperor Qin Shi Huang-ti (Qin Dynasty), in the Warring States period (475-221 years. BC. e.) to protect the state from the raids of the nomadic people of the Huns. Participated in the construction of about a million people, at the time this is the fifth part of the country. The length of the wall with all the ramifications of 8000 851 km and 800 meters. The length of the wall from end to end - two thousand five hundred miles.
The Chinese say that at least once, but every Chinese person to climb the wall because they can be met and the elderly and young children (with parents).
Such a cap with a red star are sold as souvenirs.
In the vicinity of Beijing, there are several areas open to the Wall. I visited two of them. The first station in Badaling (Badaling), located about 60 kilometers northwest of Beijing.
In the very beginning of the rise is difficult because of the large number of tourists who are full of enthusiasm, ready to go, go and go, but the higher, the freer and freer.
Sometimes the level is very high, making it difficult to rise even more, and the higher I climbed, the more I wanted to turn around and go back.
Eight. Patsanyatam on this occasion it was easier.

In certain areas you can buy souvenirs, many of which are at once local craftsmen and produced.
The wall has a little trick, when you look up and see the tower, it seems that this is the end of the road, but again and again, history repeats itself, the tower grows out of nowhere, one after another.
The view from the top of the tower on the inferior.
Erected a wall of rammed earth, covering the clay bricks or stones (depending on what was at hand). The construction was extremely difficult and severe conditions, as was done in wild places with harsh climates. Many workers could not withstand the severe conditions and died. Their bodies, along with the ground and filled the inside of the Great Wall. In China, the Wall is also called the mass grave.
Those sections of the Great Wall, which have survived to modern times, were built mainly during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644 gg.). In this age of major building materials were brick and stone blocks that made the design more robust. Then along the Great Wall is almost always stood thousands of garrisons, which were built entire military camps.
When laying the stone block wall was used glutinous rice porridge with a mixture of slaked lime.
After rising to the very top tower, the Chinese cry, it's something like a victory cry.
I was down, but he has many more steps ahead of -)
The next visit to China, I decided to go to the wall yet, but at this time, I wandered to another visited the site, about 80ti kilometers from Beijing.
In 1984 at the initiative of Deng Xiaoping launched a program for the restoration of the Great Wall of China, funded from the Chinese and foreign companies and individuals.
In 1987, the Great Wall of China was included in UNESCO's World Heritage List.
Great Wall of China - it is something a business card, China, in Russia - the Kremlin, and in France - the Eiffel Tower. This is their national pride of every Chinese.
While walking with enthusiasm fotkal, then almost all of their money proschelkal, so these guys are at the beginning of the frame with raised T-shirts all the time spinning around and it was already unbuttoned my bag, I noticed this time, after which they disappeared. We should not yawn!

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