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Friday, 25 May 2012


Thailand is beautiful. Even despite the fact that 90% of tourists in this country, they are our fellow countrymen (and want to relax on vacation because of all), you can find more secluded places. We conducted in Thailand (Phuket), 8 days, and spent another four in Singapore and Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur). Today I will talk about his impressions of Thailand, and show almost all the beaches of Phuket, making their ratings.


IMG_6763-mini Surin

The most expensive trip to Thailand - a flight. Accommodation and food there almost as in the Soviet Union :) As for the first dinner at the restaurant on the beach brought us through to 1200 rubles for four, we, the inhabitants of the capital, long laugh ;) Thai food is wonderful. I do not like spicy food before the trip, and wondered how to bear this culinary challenge. But it turned out that a lot of Tae delicious and quite sharp. For all the time we have never been disappointed in the meals, which were not visited. Particularly impressed by the magnificent fruit, valued at 30-70 rubles per kilogram. In general, in terms of power everything is fine. then left-hand movement, most tourists take the scooters, and for many it ends up not very good. If one has to go well, the two of us so no preparation is not particularly. So we took the car for four people, the easiest with a gun is 1000 - 1300 rubles per day. Petrol about 45 rubles per liter. Ride all they want, I quickly got used for dissected and an opposite, where I'd turned over all solid, as do everything ;) Living in Tae too, is not expensive. We lived in a small hotel Kata Lucky Villa. It's all one-story and a great, no fuss, quietly and calmly, as we like. Our house and swimming pool. Almost all the beaches of Phuket, located on the west side of the island, coming from us - Kata and Kata Noi. This Kata, on it too much people, and there is much comfort. neighboring Kata Noi is much nicer, he even went to my first rating, but then lost his third place :) Of course, we were at the beginning of low season, in May the rainy season begins, and the number of tourists is decreasing. With Phuket really cool, so is the sea and the waves. Now I do not even know if I like to swim without the waves :) My wife and her friend went to get acquainted with the sea. It's all Kata Noi. So I entered the water) And so the real pros)It is not far from the equator, so the sun is almost exactly hanging over his head. Very unusual sensations) Storm! In principle, we are not particularly bothered that sometimes took place during the day rain.Usually, all dissipated by hour and a half, and again the sun shone. It is said that after May is much worse, the rain can go almost all day. Moving further south we come to the observation deck overlooking the north beach, and three: the first Kata Noi, Kata and then Karon. For Caron is the most you like this place - Patong, for me it is a real dump, as the city itself and the beach. Do not understand why people stay in such places. Kata Noi on top. Still here to meet cool sunset. He was short, but very beautiful! Well, now fly in the ointment! On all the busy beaches during low tide on the beach and the sea is going to an incredible amount of debris. Basically it is different plastics. No one is clear, enter the sea and generally unpleasant to be on the beach. That we have not seen on the beaches, got in my ranking of the best. But this does not apply to Kata, Kata Noi, Karon and Patong. Here, for example, looks like the best of these - Kata Noi. All of this garbage. Here Karon. In general, it is not bad, but I like a more intimate and secluded places. But here too the sunset is beautiful, as always) went further south to the beach, Nai Harn, who ranks third in my ranking. On the way there are elephant farms and fishing villages. But first, we looked down at him, before reaching the southernmost point of Phuket, which offers excellent views and is located some interest with the elephants. Local come here to pray. famous Cape Promthep Cape Hence we see the Nai Harn, cozy and clean beach. I do not know what kind of hotel, but living here is very cool! And now we have been poisoned to the beach Surin, occupying second place in my ranking. The path to it lies to the north, while on the road you can look here in this paradise and wild place. At Surin we spent the most time. Here I got to surf! However nearly drowned, because the first time turned out to be five-foot waves. It turned out that this is not an easy task. Further north there are other beaches. But none of them we did not like. Bang Tao. On the way met the rest of buffalo. two more north of the beach - wildly Nai Thon and Nai Yang dirty Then only the long, deserted beaches and Mai Khao Sai Kaeo from Phuket Airport. View to the north during takeoff. But in the first place, after Nai Harn and Surin I would put the private beach hotel Le Meridien - Karon Noi. Cozy and quiet beach for hotel guests. However, if you stop there, we do not want to go to other beaches. Guest mode is 1500 rubles per person per day, includes lunch, use of sun beds, swimming pools, saunas, playgrounds. Here we had a wonderful last day of our vacation. In general, Thailand very much. We will definitely take a trip here again, but now is likely to Samui. In the next posts I will talk about our trip to Singapore and Kuala Lumpur!




IMG_6200-mini KATA

IMG_6237-mini KATA Noi

IMG_6273-mini Noi

IMG_6217-mini KATA


IMG_6368-mini Noi


IMG_6393-mini Noi




IMG_6427-mini Noi





IMG_8094-mini Kata Noi


IMG_8268-mini Karon






IMG_6471-mini Promthep Cape


IMG_6465-mini Nai Harn

IMG_6686-mini Nai Harn

IMG_6694-mini Nai Harn

IMG_6691-mini Nai Harn



IMG_6759-mini Surin

IMG_6761-mini Surin

IMG_6763-mini Surin

IMG_6764-mini Surin

IMG_6811-mini Surin

IMG_6775-2-mini Surin

IMG_6800-mini Surin

IMG_6816-mini Surin

IMG_8226-mini Surin

IMG_8224-mini Surin

IMG_6993-mini Bang Tao









IMG_8277-mini Karon Noi

IMG_8309-mini Karon Noi

IMG_8313-mini Karon Noi

IMG_8386-mini Karon Noi

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