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Saturday, 3 March 2012

North Vietnam. At Motobike

I thought, what picture to put on top of the post. And suddenly he remembered - today Well Day of Older Persons. And here is a cheerful Vietnamese grandmother! And the chain on her neck, not weak, and glass - another brew to overturn it off!
Photo 2.
  1. Well, start with the younger generation .. A good-natured-looking patsanchik, met me at some little village, unexpectedly showed aggression!
Photo 3.
Picked up and threw me in a glass with me to an unknown liquid. Thank God it was not a hydrochloric acid .. :)

Photo 4.
Just passing by a village girl.

Photo 5.
Because of the excess moisture in these areas are small lakes are formed directly on the hilltops.

Photo 6.
Photo 7.
The older generation share their experiences with the younger of manufacturing a pipe.

Photo 8.
My friend Almazkin, a passionate lover of all kinds of beetles, butterflies. I made this picture for him.

Photo 9.
North Vietnam - the land of waterfalls. This is one of many, it not far from Sapa and is very popular among tourists.
I came here to Motobike with my new friends from Poland - Pshemekom and Agatha.
Met when settled in a hotel, then talked to the lunch, and then together they took on the rental bikes.

Photo 10.
An excellent choice - rent a bike, it is worth a penny - 200-300 rubles a day seems to be 3 liters of petrol will last for the whole day, and you can ride through the neighborhood, stopping in mountain villages such here.

Photo 11.
On the morning circled near Sapa, at lunch decide to go back to the city market, to eat together with the Vietnamese.
Vietnamese - all fans to devour, to watch them in the process - a curious thing!
Photo 13.
The basis of almost any dish - rice noodles, and it is the mass of any bells and whistles, from all sorts of herbs and greens, vegetables, and finishing all kinds of snails.
In appearance and did not immediately understand what is they tuck into his mouth ..

Photo 14.
A woman with a child behind - probably one of the most memorable images that I have been associated with North Vietnam. (Just another Vietnam, I was not :)
Well, earrings to his shoulders - membership of almost every local beauty! How much do they weigh!

Photo 15.
Photo 16.
As for the Day of Older Persons. I think Vietnam is unlikely there is a holiday, even though it seemed to me to the old people are treated with great care, at least I did not see them so miserable and sick, as we have.
It may be hard peasant life of keeps them in that form. I did not see any fat - all of these lean, active ..

Photo 17.
In the market we were seated at a table next to the three village girls. Next to us drank another three friends - one older and two young married woman.
The one older - just the embodiment of joy and health - constantly laughing and sipped from a glass of moonshine.

Photo 18.
Portions of the local edalni - th - th! I took the rice and meat - and could not eat up despite a good appetite.
In Agatha - noodles with additives, the Pshemeka soup - noodles. But everything else - is serving our neighbors on the table!

Of course, I doubt that this is all they will eat, but when I saw how quickly disappear from the table, all these dishes, I realized - with an appetite for them everything is OK!

Photo 19.
Photo 20.
From - the table we got up, when their dinner was in full swing!

Photo 21.

Well, we went ahead and soon found themselves at a huge waterfall.
Photo 22.
Over there, on the bridge Pshemek and Agatha waving their hands. 
Photo 23.
Falls right in the road, but there is absolutely deserted, perhaps because it's spitting all day warm light rain.

When the going down, I saw a girl, selling souvenirs. Well, as traders ...
In the video more clearly, I ugoral .. 

well this looks like a waterfall from a distance ..

The next time you go on about the trip on Motobike and again look at the guests in the farmhouse.

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