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Monday, 5 March 2012

The Roads Of Ladakh

In Ladakh roads c pipe - that is, they are, they are not. Good asphalt road svezherazmechennaya can dramatically transform a single-sideband primer with a sheer cliff on one side and a deep ravine on the other. rocks hanging over the road and occasionally crying tears of stone, filling the roadway huge boulders ...

3. 4. 5. That under such rocks have to go: 6. 7. 8. Many machines attached to the muzzle an old boot - for good luck: 9. Someday this gem, the size of KAMAZ, fall on the road. I would not want to go on it at this time: 10. 11. edges of the roads are very unreliable and often crumble: 12. I'm here in Twitter asked the association to come up with this frame. The options were weight, but most of all I liked the option of "asphalt spaghetti": 13. on all the roads are many signs in verse, calling to maintain the speed limit: 14. Before each turn is taken private a long, honking, warning of their approach: 15 . 16. time to time on the roads there are military checkpoints. Everyone should stop and show passports: 17. 18. 19. Once, on his way to another monastery, we were stuck in traffic. It turned out that there is a repair of the road ahead and we were about an hour, waiting for us to miss: 20. Drivers of all vehicles assembled in front of the sign "Men at work" and poisoned jokes: 21. Ahead workers widened the road. One of them pressed on the hammer, and three others pressed on his back: 22. 23.24. slice of the local soil. Note the huge boulders. Directly underneath the road goes: 25. Bricks do "on the spot": 26. in road works are involved mostly men, and women are waiting for them with their children at a safe distance: 27. 28. 29. And it is the children of our the command " Two Sticks ": 30. 31. frames taken from a car window: 32. 33. 34. 35. Cyclists - real athletes and heroes. Pedaling at this altitude, where the lack of air, and at every step of the dual energy is spent, it is very difficult: 36. for some new red Jeep in sharp contrast with the rest of the country's fleet: 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. Well, a little strawberries at the end of the post. Women who are able to sit down on the string or make the bridge seem to me a very sexy: 42. 43. short video to consolidate the material:

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