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Saturday, 3 March 2012

North Vietnam. About The Peasant Share

It is for us who came to the mountains of North Vietnam, all-around exotic, but for those who are born here and lives - a solid prose of life. I'll show you a little bit of their hard life ...
Photo 2.
Just walk past a small village, of which around Sapa set. Those who are older are already accustomed to dodging the camera, but the youngest still hamper .. :)
Photo 3.
What are these dogs do not eat, but they do not become less :) Although I do not know, maybe these mountain tribes, and there is no such habits .. it seems that there is a dog - man's best friend.
Photo 4.
From kindergartens napryazhenka seen here, all my carry .. allowance for second and subsequent child say? yes they would have lived a good time! - From birth everything is OK!
Photo 5.
Men have their own responsibilities. Sam watched for hours as they do not release from the hands of a plow, stopping only for short break. Can socialist competition from them? - Give five-year period in three years! In the video more clearly. And here you see some kind of device that dozens of scattered to numerous rivers and streams. Something like a water mill, the principle of clear thinking ...
Photo 6.
Photo 7.
Meanwhile, our mother with a child, easily jumping from stone to stone, overcomes turbulent mountain river.
Photo 8.
As it rose the bulls manage to stay so clean!
Photo 9.
Baushka jauntily pulling out of the woods, bamboo, probably on the kindling.
Photo 10.
Photo 11.
Well, you know it - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. do not believe it - the math!

Photo 12.
Photo 13.
Handle virtually every free land areas from the mountains - to live, how we should!
Photo 14.
Photo 15.
Photo 16.
Photo 17.
Babusku I caught up with the wood, when she was surrounded by his relatives. 

Photo 18.

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