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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Burma. Women

Albeit belatedly, but that the same should I write about women, as does the International Women's Day!

Was the idea to gather in one post pictures of women from different parts of Russia and different countries to see how differently they are beautiful! But then presented what will be the scope of this post and decided to confine ourselves to the last country where he had been - Myanmar. And to be precise - shooting one day in Mandalay.

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Photo 2.

Women of Burma's always easy to find in the pictures - their faces are always decorated with a pattern. This seems unusual.
But contrary to them - an unusual form of Europeans with a clean face, and even in this unusual for them to dress (top photo)

Photo 3.

This is also a woman, if you can call women monks.

Photo 4.

in a city park on a bench ..

Photo 5.

well here - an exception to the rule - a girl without a "make-up."
.. On the road to Mandalay, this and several subsequent frames taken from a train window train.

Photo 6.

Burmese children are that way. Maybe because it is more convenient, but I think we are a little different.

Photo 7.

platforms at the station occupied by this type of aunts, selling all yummy.

Photo 8.

Photo 9.

with unprecedented agility, they rush from the car to the car, hoping to sell their goods, for mere pennies for.

Photo 10.

This series of shots taken off the road in Sagaing Division, the complex of monasteries in the vicinity of Mandalay.
About the Sagaing Division will still be a few posts.
The road ran along the Ieravadi and seeing the river so dvizhuhi simply impossible not to stop.

Photo 11.

Photo 12.

Photo 13.

Photo 14.

Photo 15.

Photo 16.

Photo 17.

and this both here wormed, post something about women!

Photo 18.

I do not know whether there are kindergartens in Burma, as a concept ... But these women have to load the rubble, and in between all pickups and children nyanchit.

Photo 19.

Photo 20.

so that while the mother hauled baskets of rubble, the children frolic nearby immediately, despite the scorching heat.

Photo 21.

Photo 22.

Photo 23.

Photo 24.

Photo 25.

men among the movers, too, come across, but much less ..

Photo 26.

and they though henna - a smile does not go to parties! and this is true - and the horse will stop, and hut ...
but only until they sent a camera lens ...

Photo 27.

Photo 28.

Women with education of course have a chance to work cleaner. Another would be to see how much they pay for the teachers.

Was .. for whatever village he heard cries of children. Was the school, the doors wide open, looked, got a terrible noise - children as alien seen! Young the teacher to be surprisingly quickly coped with the situation and all silenced.

Photo 29.

I think this work is not easier than the longshoremen on the Ieravadi. Clock on the sun beds.

Photo 30.

Photo 31.

Well, again - the shore of the river, barge loading ... in the background - Sagaing Division. By the way - there are a few hills about two thousand. ! monasteries.
I imagine this army of monks (who are mostly men) in the schedule of the day which is only one job - to collect alms in the morning, and then only to prayers and endless washing of the body - to monitor the cleanliness - one of the main duties of a monk .. Well, here I am exaggerating of course, perhaps they are useful to society. 

Photo 32.

Photo 33.

Photo 34.

Well, that's what prevented him to become a monk? - Not now be getting all screwed up ... although it is not really so steamed.

Photo 35.

Photo 36.

Photo 37.

Well here is more in line with the face of the situation - is clearly not easy for women ... Still - in baskets and stones they weigh about forty pounds I think.
and probably should have been doing all these photos in black and white ...

Photo 38.

can anyone of our women, mourners at a hard life, and feel better by looking at these photos? )
Although it is clear that we fully aunts with a jackhammer and orange vests ...

Oh, yes! And of course, my belated congratulations to all the readers of my journal! Them .. I think I have more than male readers, judging by the comments ... or just they are more responsive and cordial? 

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