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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Sunny Santorini

Santorini is perhaps the most hyped Greek island. Each year it attracts millions of tourists sky blue roofs of their churches. In the last time I was here in the rain , but this time my photos are spoiled by harsh midday sun ...

In Santorini there is no pier, capable of taking a big ocean liner, so we sent a small boat: 2. ships embarked on a raid on the site of the underwater crater, surrounded by 300-foot vertical wall. Back can be reached either by cable car fast, but all it is longer than the queue at McDonald's when it first opened in Pushkin Square, or to overcome the 588 foot wide stairs, or climb on a donkey: 3. I'm afraid of horses. As a child I was in the stables, and when I Akhal-Teke stallion was nearly killed a man, standing on its hind legs and hit his front hooves in the chest. Children's trauma is still I cast his party from a variety of "riding."At this time I had no choice - the senior really wanted to go upstairs on a donkey, and I decided to overcome my fear .... I overcame it with difficulty. At first it was just scary, very scary then, and then I used a little bit and it was again just scary. Especially scary was on the serpentine turns, as the donkey tried to get the widest path, and I almost dumped the fence down into the abyss. I'm afraid of heights smaller than horses, but I still feel uncomfortable. The higher we climbed, the fear of horses was reduced, and increased fear of heights, so it thrills me not to leave is not throughout the twenty-minute trip. I understand that many of my readers love the ride and did not share my fears, yet Still, for me it was climbing a small feat: 4. And it was very scary, because when the next rotation of flying herd of donkeys, which were driven down the empty drovers. It seemed as if we can not to miss them on the narrow path: 5. So the path looks like ass from above: 6. Somewhere in the middle of the path we took a picture of a photographer, and when we went upstairs, we were waiting for our pictures. A trip on a donkey was worth 5 euros, and Photo 10: 7. After traveling on a donkey I have 20 minutes to come to life in a cafe, enjoying the view and watching the donkeys, marching up the stairs: 8. total of 588 steps leads upstairs, which we crossed on the donkeys, and many, frightened animals, and the queue for the funicular, go on foot 9. tourists usually show two cities: Fira and Oia. Fira more and donkey trail from the cableway lifts visitors is here, but it is less beautiful and interesting from the architectural point of view: 10. Although it also has a pair of blue-roofed churches: 11. Moreover, the main type of postcard, usually illustrating Santorini also located in Fira. However, it should not take pictures in the hard midday sun, and at sunset when the sky is densely red, and the shadows lengthened: 12. Ia draws its windmills and doll houses: 13. 14. If desired, you can get up here, too, on donkeys, but the bay Oia is used for local needs by fishermen: 15. Streets are narrow, the same as the internal passages of our cruise ship: 16. main church. Probably the biggest building in the Ii: 17. blue sky above the Santorini exactly matches their shade of blue doors and windows: 18. 19. Blue Roof Church Ii: 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. pool at the hotel - when it's hot You can swim in an artificial grotto. By the way, no one knows how this hotel called? 26. 27. 28. in the suburbs of Ii, we found the courtyard with a well.Interestingly, the depth of 300 meters, as well as breakage, or the rock is submerged water? In general, where people take water Santorini? 29. As in Mykonos, local windmills do not work anymore, but still attract tourists: 30. 31. If you're on the Ii, then at the very far end is superb, always empty restaurant, where you can be happy to spend a couple of hours. Food in their menu, no, but friendly waiters will treat you with pleasure with his grandmother's home sandwiches aubergine and tomato jam. This is an incredibly delicious: 32. wind here is so strong that dried the wet T-shirt Marat in 10 minutes. By the way, he also began to write about our trip. Urgent zafrendite it and look at the same events from the other side: 33. In general, this time of Santorini I liked much more. There are still a few days cruising. Stay Tuned!


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