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Saturday, 3 March 2012

Istanbul Vacations

Sweet deal - when in Russia the cold and blizzards, the work zadolbali, with money not and there are no new ideas - to spit on everything and hit the road for a week in the glorious city of Istanbul!

There's a warm breeze, stroll over the Bosphorus and Golden Horn, will bring a sea smell the fish market in Port Enikapi, taking the path of aroma of roasted chestnuts from the area near the Blue Mosque, mix them with water pipe dope and spices in the Grand Bazaar and spread the goodness of whole the narrow streets of Sultanahmet.

You inhale this invigorating mix - ... and you'll feel better ....

And yet - more to come here with his girlfriend, because there is absolutely nothing to do but to indulge in idle sloth, sleep till noon, then leisurely breakfast on the roof of the hostel overlooking the sea and the Aya Sofia, in the company of osolovevshih Spaniards, Italians and other Chinese, plaster, just like us, butter and jam on the delicious Turkish bread with egg and olives and washed down with all this gratuitous coffee.

Then, chatted a bit with the Russian owner of the bar - Georgian, our former compatriot and thanked for a delicious breakfast, go to the last is first warmed by the sun and go out without a plan is far away ...

And they increasingly look towards the sea - what more could miss the soul of man, to break a week from captivity bleak high-rise buildings, buried two-meter drifts.

Wherever you go - these domes of mosques and minarets, spiers are visible everywhere, and will climb in nearly every frame of yours, and do nothing can be ...

While we were walking along the promenade, breathing the salt air and sun, I watched this man, could not help trying to find the right angle and looking forward to changing attitudes.
But it did not wait - he sat almost motionless, watching the city and the sea gulls. Perhaps that's because the Japanese could spend hours contemplating Sakura and Fujiyama and find some sense in this.
I realized - view of the sea, listen to the seagulls - that's exactly what I was missing today, and then, for what is also needed to go to Istanbul.

But local is really an expert in the know - hand stuffed, eaten by a dog! - And especially advanced sunbathing, placing a pillow under your head an empty bottle.
Serenity - this is exactly the feeling that encompasses you, when you sit down on the warm rocks near the sleeping tramp, right at the water's edge, and remember that only yesterday in the frosty Moscow ran all the incidental shopping, just to keep warm ....

... and here cafes on the beach with the windows open ...

First bloom ... have beds with spring flowers, fountains, noise,

And .. little girls running around out there without a coat and jacket ..

Oh, sure! I would have called, and Silver. The old pirate, a retired ...

In the evening everyone is phot fountains in Sofia and Blue Mosque. I'm certainly lazy, but not to the same extent :)

and debris on the photos above the Blue Mosque - a flock of seagulls in the spotlight ...

The next day, wandered to the Top Kapi Palace, but after seeing countless hordes of tourists organized, quick to get around this place is a party. Probably nothing ...

Well ... just walked in the palace park with huge plane trees, fed the homeless cats that roam here in droves,

.. And again found themselves on the beach, near the bridge across the Golden Horn.

Here, too, crowd - no idea what is going on here in the middle of the season, and this is most likely in the spring when the apple is now nowhere to fall ..

Army had occupied the bridge anglers seem to go fishing on a commercial scale :)
Although there is no - just today, Saturday, and residents have free time ..

Straight from the boat is a brisk trade balyk.
It is a local feature, you are advised to try all the guests - a fish sandwich and a shnyaga sorts - say very tasty.
We then why have not tried: (

All that wish to serve nimble lot of barkers - waiters in national costumes.
By binding to the salmon Comes with a glass of something red, like a sour beets.

who had already eaten, digested slowly, sitting on the steps of the parapet.

pace of the sturgeon will soon be nothing left.

although, as a rule, catch them is not rich - so the cat for dinner!

Even with the crowds of idlers of the people, it is easy to find on the embankment of cozy corners for intimate encounters.
... Well, to the extent of intimate :)

this is the salmon, already cooked - with lemons, tomatoes and herbs ..

caught and fishermen - Single ...

And this too .. Istanbul! ... With a touch of New York style ..

Istanbul gulls soon will learn to fish. Why! - At the Grand Bazaar and Spice Market, and so they feed.

Surely, too, has its own hierarchy of gulls, and this is the place for them is the same as that for a taxi in Moscow train stations and airports.
Outsiders are not tolerated! Only the very fat and fat seagulls!

The market near the seaport of fresh fish is always seen it on sale, even a small shark!

fish periodically sprinkled with water ...

After two days in Istanbul, we decided to sail on the boat to Bursa, where to rent a car and ride to the Uludag Mountain and on. This is the next time ..

I've been a little pofotoshopil - how do you feed this photo. ? like a little old-... able, no? - It would be interesting to know your opinion .. 

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