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Monday, 19 March 2012

Helsinki. Finland

It's no secret that the Helsinki - a provincial town, as he was in the Russian Empire, provincial, and has remained to this day, though, that the capital of the state. Here does not do anything but watch as the cathedral, but on the boardwalk to enter the ranks of the fish, eat sandwiches or buy a Finnish fish, all kinds of salting and smoking.

A. Photo of Duty with this kind of - there is anyone who has visited in the Finnish town.

Very funny outcasts roam in the center, the Finns, who are not averse to start their day with a strong, how to draw multgeroya, plump and red noses. In the center a couple of these, took the bench and was attached loving memories))
By the way, parking and toll-free range of places in the city were found. He threw the car at the ferry terminal, pay only for 30 minutes. Some vehicles with overdue parking ticket evacuated.

Two. In memory of the empire.

Three. The center saw the coaches that are typical for Europe, with an open upper deck)) is interesting, in Moscow, they were accustomed? Again, part of the attraction - a historic building, churches and cathedrals, monuments - especially nothing to watch and spend a viewing of more than one day, only torment.

4. These are the streets in Helsinki, clean and tidy)
Really? Really? - And here Sobyanin tiles laid?

Five. Very reminiscent of Peter.

6. Sports City. In the background cheburechnaya Amarillo, Texas is almost.)))

7. The building of the main railway station, a monumental and Finnish strictly))

Eight. Clean, fresh sea air and sun - and not to mention? A point is always that. Sit and droop to the environment - in moymu - is in the blood of every white person)

9. Toilet for the gulls. Why do they always choose for the job sites.

10. Another parking for seagulls.

11. Fish ranks on the promenade near the port. Keep Slyunkov, I advise you start to chew on something tasty.

12. Fish burgers and sandwiches.

13. Smoked Fish ...

14. with spices ...

15. You can try once more and dripping saliva on the glass)

16. Krevetosy, mussels, crayfish, marinated, served with salad - anything. Well, Finnish bread)))

17. You can also mushrooms Zatar ...

18. .. vegetables ...

19. ... berries ...

20. And now the most important thing - when you exit, do not fall victim to the hungry,

21. ... eager to khaljavnogo kharcho - Finnish gulls.

22. Severe Finnish gulls do not stand on ceremony with gaping tourists, and a sandwich can be cut. I remembered a scene from The Matrix - Wait something gets.

23. The most delicious fruit and big on bringing back, next to the fish series. You can buy souvenirs, Finnish handicrafts made of wood, knives, well, where do without Finnish magnets on the fridge. And it all around, again an imperial monument)))

24. Here's a breakdown of the berry. It is amazing to see as the sellers in the market blond Finnish girl, not a hot guy from the sunshine of the former Soviet Union.

25. Berries, as the selection, one better than another. Boyko is a trade, eat, do not wash - and it is not necessary, and so all mytoe.

26. Am.

27. Well, and flew a couple of hours before the ferry to Sweden. Helsinki - a great city for a transit visit to another day and it would be deja vu)

28. That's so funny, inhabited islands are found along the road. I wonder how there with housing?

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