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Saturday, 3 March 2012

Strasbourg And The Memories Of Childhood

French Strasbourg, the capital of the Alsace region bordering Germany, often passed from one hand to another, and much more like a German city than French. Our wine tour almost did not expect any saytsiinga, but we still managed to get out on the short walk between the tasting of white wines alzasskih ...

Two. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Attic space is used here in all. Rays rip roofs small window: 8. 9. quiet walk through the city trams. With our compare them, of course, meaningless. What else do I like them, so this is a very low floor. No need to climb with suitcases or string bags: 10. The stations are composting. Before we get into a tram ticket needed break. The ticket is valid after an hour on any public transport. 11. I remember as a child traveled to school by bus and validated tickets, punching holes in the yellow paper, and then sat and tore off the paper sticking out circles. Most seats in the buses did not have enough , and the people crowd into it, as in a glass jar gherkins. In this case, to the composter was not reached and the most chastoproiznosimaya phrase in the bus was "please send a ticket." Location "on composter" has always been a trump. It was possible to somehow entertain themselves during the trip. And remember, as seen numbers on the ticket, and compared the sum of the first three digits of the second. If the sum coincide, then the ticket is considered a happy and ate it. 12.13. 14. 15. 16. And this is a crazy city, or the actors who play for themselves: 17. with us, in the city stayed with Guy Ritchie a large crew. Filming the second Sherlock Holmes: 18. What always surprises me, it's onlookers. On the set, nothing happened, all the props had been sheathed, and only through the cordon area zredka took some crap cleaner or a lighting designer for the horses. Nevertheless, the crowd was cordoned off and waiting for something. And I wasannoyed surprise when all the cars start to slow down to gawk at an accident and congestion builds up. Especially it is clearly evident in the Moscow Ring Road when the accident occurred on the opposite line, with concrete fence and does not affect the movement of our band, however, because of all the spectators have to stand there and waste time. 19. A couple of things caught my eye in the Alsace. First, it is a sign "Parking is not allowed", which fitted the bulletin board:20. And second, the number of bolts for which local restaurants are closed from the inside. Apparently, the fear that they utaschat foie gras from the refrigerator: 21. Unfortunately, the weather is very bad luck for the whole trip - ugly, invisible rain and gray skies burnt. But I have photographed in the local shops: 22. 23. 24. 25. foie gras: 26. First of all, Alsace is famous for its white wines. Incidentally, this is the only region in France, where wine is not classified by geographic name, but by grape variety. In Alsace, the 7 major grape varieties (Riesling - 21.8%, pinot blanc - 21.3%, Gew├╝rztraminer - 18.6%, pinot gris - 14.7%, Pinot Noir - 9.6%, Silvaner - 9 3%, Muscat - 2.3%.), each of which set the pole next to a big barrel in the city center: 27. Today, late at night to return to Moscow, and now going to the station. Let's go to the high-speed train TGV "to the city of Paris." Stay Tuned!

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