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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Tsukiji Fish Market

Get up so early to join the great Tokyo tuna auction, we certainly could not, therefore, the fish market went to 10 am, when the fish are already gone. But that's nothing. Fresh delicious Japanese fish that are delivered from the sea in a shop or a restaurant with a maximum of 20 kilometers, I'm spoiled (that's one of the big pluses of living in the coastal provinces), and baked with salt, yellow tail jaw in her husband's performance allows me to watch without a tremor on the most exquisite dishes. At the Tsukiji market, I wanted the atmosphere, I really wanted to see the place where the Japanese are engaged in so simple and at the same time a great thing that glorify their country to the world - are working with fresh fish. Well, again, the legendary auction, from which leaves most naikruteyshy tuna:) So go on an empty, shabby, neglamurnomu market I was as pleased as to the glittering Ginza. By the way, there does not smell any fish, no bleach, no tuhlyatinkoy any - anything at all, except the fresh smell of fish scales, which had just been taken out of the water. 

On the territory of the market at that time was cleaning: people washed their inventory, hosed all surfaces that folded in general. I do not know, unfortunately, how the market works - if they bring back special "accredited" private fishermen catch a night or ... 

Porters go here on these cool carts, sometimes stopping in a nearby street, where no longer visible to the market. Attending his audience in the black coat to work, go Maybach, and then hlobys - a truck. 

Adjacent to the market shopping street on which tourists mill around and not only - there you can buy everything around fresh fish: Vegetables, ingredients for Japanese cooking knives, cookware, cookbooks, and there is still little sushi restaurants. Near some are barkers, but in all other stands. It would be nice, of course, there to eat, put a check mark, but still 10.30 - too early for sushi, especially after a hearty breakfast! 

Fresh fish, we still saw a pair of counters. 
This perch kinmeday struck me, well, so handsome! This perch in Japan delicacy - fish is very tasty, but just so very expensive. Coming to Russia, I buy Norwegian red grouper - frozen, anyone carcass in milk and eaten off)) can taste and not one, but the fish itself very much.

Aunt try posypushki of tiny fish and seaweed 

One shop was with Kobe beef. Marmara caruncle no comment:) 

These weird gray stuff - dried before fossilization fish katsu. In this form it most closely resembles a piece of wood. Special this machine like a joiner to a deduction of a sublime chip which, when sprinkling the dish is dancing in a stream of warm air, as if alive. She is pictured below. 

All kinds of soybeans 

This miso 

From the market I got a pound of imported smoked salmon - well, I love him to buterbrodik:) In Japan, it evidently cut chips with polumerzlogo fillet, almost everywhere he is in a form - small pieces of torn, and practical (and often completely) is not salty . But I still love about it:)

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