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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Travel Notes From Boracay Island. 3 Day

Today was a wonderful day! Again the sun was shining! We began to explore our small island. Rented the local "taxi" in 3:00 and went to Puka Beach (shelly beach), the observation deck on Mount Luho, a local fish market and watched the evening a stunning sunset.

A. Good morning, our country! 2. A little cloudy and a little water now of a different color - greenish. 3. In order to see the little island, rented a local taxi. 1:00 - 300 Philippine pesos. It looks scary taxi, but it was much less scary than the Thai tuk-tuk, and absolutely safe in comparison with the Dominican motogoncho. 4. Let's go! The inscription on the card driver - Boracay Land Transport (Road transport Boracay). Here is then a taxi! 5. Our first stop - Puka Beach.) 6. Shelly beach and wild. There are no hotels. From the infrastructure - a few restaurants nearby and a series of souvenirs. 7. Rain for the day and so was not))) 8. Puka beach is beautiful, not like the White beach, on which we rest, and the local landscape reminded me of the Dominican Republic. 9. Local children 10. Schoolgirl 11. Then they went to the observation deck on Mount Luho. From there, really great views. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. After seeing the beauty of Boracay top, I wanted something local and colorful. Was taken to a local fish market. There is so much and on such low prices! On the fish market is sure to be a separate post! And while a few pictures) 17. I've never seen such big shrimp. Even in Thailand! 18. 19. 20. 21. My traditional dinner! 22. This delicious mango juice! 23. There were also at the third station of our beach. We decided to look different. Special to be found. Only the beach is narrower than in the first station, where we rest. 24. The most important thing! Today we finally saw the local sunset! Terribly sorry that we are on Boracay third party and only the first time I saw THIS! No comments) 25. 26. 27. 28. On this island the night. Good night! Tomorrow is another day!


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