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Saturday, 9 June 2012

Norway, A Great Trip To Lofoten. Part 5: Vaeroy

On a cold winter's day is very pleasant to go back to the memories of summer. I continue the story of our Norwegian adventures. 

Arrived at the Vaeroy we too adventurous, flew in abundance, until the weather cleared. And we have in stock a day and night: it was necessary to catch the evening ferry to Moskens, the beginning of the main ridge of the Lofoten. We are very hurried, more precisely, almost swept the wings: the island has a completely amazing energy. The sun, mountains, unusual shape, the realization that we are finally on the Lofoten - it cheered us greatly. 
Our route on the island was as follows (from the helicopter pad 2 in 1, and then to 5 and back to a ferry): 

A. The island itself is now largely consists of cottages, where the Norwegians come to rest in the summer. Very cozy, quiet town-village. 

Photography more 

Two. People used to live here the sea: fishing, went to the open spaces on these boats. The first part of the name of the island means veðr weather (due to severe weather conditions on the island), the ending - the word Øy, means the island. 

Photography more 

Three. House is cozy, but rather monotonous - and without an external luxury, modest. 

4. In the face of the island fits well with the local church - as well in a village without a church? 

Five. Then we go around the entire island and pass by the village of Nordland. Near the village (on the right of the road) is a runway and tower controllers. Previously, there were flying small planes, but after an accident in 1990 the band was closed. Then, 5 people were killed. For Norwegians, this is a serious tragedy. 

6. Then begins primer - somewhere kilometers 3. Most extraordinary sensation: flying on a bicycle, from the sea - fresh air. And it seems as if the soul is filled with light, a kind of childlike joy and rolled carelessness. 

7. This paradise. Step on white, white piercing rays of the midday sun in the sand - and seemed to find yourself on another planet. With cautious step of doing the other, you touch the sand with your fingers first - quietly, and then his hand. Cold and wet. 

Eight. The first time I see this: lush green grass - and the white sand beach, azure sea ice. 

9. At Vaeroe cozy and quiet coves, someone lives here always ... 

10. At home on the edge. Lofoten Ridge is visible: in the distance behind the first rock - Moskens on which we have tonight. 

Photography more 

11. And here's a local cat Lofoten, the occupant of the control tower. 

12. Perhaps the most quiet cemetery in the world ... Though not. I remember, I have a tradition to go to the Tourist Office of each city and look at postcards of different places to pick up a point shooting - and that's because that morning I went to the store in Buda. And he saw there's a cemetery, photographed in a thunderstorm with lightning. Frankly, it introduced me to a screeching halt: in my head thinking about the two-week climbed wet cyclists, as we have so frightened the weather forecast ... 

13. One day - very little to Vaeroya. Very, very well tempted to stay here for another week. The most beautiful pictures can be removed from the tops and place to go trekking. But there is a reason to come back. 

14. Summer ... 

Photography more 
15. On the other side of the island ends with primer - and more is a good path. Bicycles we leave behind on glade - and walk along the trail. 

16. Looking back - and see the azure bay, shallow water, rocks on the horizon. Why not heaven? It's not like a typical Norwegian weather. And it's true: the Vaeroe - the warm climate at this latitude. And this is because the Gulf Stream from the Caribbean Sea. Picture reflected horizontally. 

Photography more 

17. Here is another view of the same bay. 

18. Flowers purple shimmer in the sunlight, mingling in the splendor of the sea. Very similar to the bells (maybe it's they have?) 

Photography more 

19. Relax, enjoy the warm rays of the sun and the sound of the waves, light, flowing through the grass. 

20. And all the beautiful islands of flowers. 

Photography more 

21. Dennis will notice? Rocks on Vaeroe very unusual forms rise up from the sea. Something like a favorite of Crimea, but somehow there own way. One feels that the creator of this place - the North. 

22. Go down to the sea. There is soft sand, which buried their feet. He poured on the dazzling white to the warm, arranged under the sunlight, like a chameleon. 

23. This is a panorama of the bay. So great to see the sea in a lost world! 

Photography more 

24. Wave rolls, the clouds gather on the horizon, slowly, over the islands. The clouds are flying very fast. Decide not to joke with the weather, do not go any further.Yes, and steam very soon. And the ferries are not often in Lofoten. Sometimes - just once a week. 

Photography more 

25. Weather all frowns. Low clouds settle on the island, but the islands of the world can still be caught 

Photography more 

26. Saved picture horizontally, could not resist: 

27. I once again fell behind his companions, fascinated by the beauty of the island in the evening light, with such terrible clouds. It should be run. Barred from running along the path. Marathon running to the top of the trail - drops into our iron horses - and the rush of dirt road on the pavement, passing clouds. 

28. The light burns, the clouds settle on the island. I'm holding my breath looking at the shots that sweep past. It is necessary to catch the ferry, only 40 minutes remaining. A light melts, the light plays with me, pouring bardovymi, blue tones. Choking on the rate with which the pedal is steeper. We must make it. Giving a bike - run to the Cape, instinctively choosing the best shooting point, a minute passes - the frame is made. 

Photography more 

29. Running - up the hill, shoot a panorama, I see my friends on the road: the dark figure, they have already eaten the darkness of the island. Grab your bike - dive into the blue road. It remains to half an hour before the ferry, and it is necessary to drive the entire island. The muscles were tired of the day, stretched like strings - the first 200 meters of the set, heavy lifting ... 

Photography more 

30. Panorama. 

Photography more 

31. And the last rays - time to fire off Sunset: quickly changing the lens at telephoto 

Photography more 

32. Ferry had a hair's breadth. There is already possible to take a deep breath, close your eyes and see the light inside the island. Somewhere in the fragments of memories, he is still there. 

32. We go, we wave a hand Vaeroyu. 

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