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Monday, 25 June 2012

Istanbul. Spice Bazaar. Misir Çarşisi

You have not yet been to the Misir Çarşisı? Inexcusable omission! Here, Istanbul, located in a place where East meets West, looks only to the east. This is where the big market-Istanbul opens with the colorful side, and only then you will capture the spirit of the amount of sweets, spices, herbs, nuts, spices and Turkish Delight.  Misir Çarşisi - Spice Bazaar - Egyptian Bazaar. All of these names belong to the most colorful and the second largest after the Grand Bazaar  covered market of one of the major trading cities in the world of all times - Istanbul.

A. Spice Bazaar is located near the New Mosque - Yeni Camii in the area near the Eminonu Galata Bridge. Bazaar originated in the 17th century to finance the construction of a new mosque, which you see in this photo. 2. 3. 4. The area in front of the New Mosque - Istanbul is the San Marco. It is always crowded and a lot of pigeons.  5. This girl just caught my attention, running for the birds. Strict control of the situation a Turkish father.)   6. Cost aside, as a girl has female controls. The two happy faces! 7. Oops! And then the girls turned out to be two! 8. The new mosque is one of the biggest mosques of Istanbul and the most visited.   9. In the area of selling bagels, corn and roasted chestnuts. 10. The new mosque was built 66 years, its central dome has a diameter of 17, 5 meters. 11. By the close of the mosque adjacent shopping arcade the Spice Bazaar. 12. Called the Spice Bazaar Egyptian Bazaar, as it was through Egypt to Istanbul supplying spices from India. 13. At the Bazaar, there are about 100 shops of sweets and spices. And even if you do not need to buy anything, then you can come here just for a tour. 14. I have many saying that due to the fact that this bazaar - a place of travel, here dray prices. Of course, as in any market is there to negotiate, but, nevertheless, almost all the goods have already pasted the price at which I propose to go and get your opinion about the high cost. Thus, at the fish market Kumkapi , of which I spoke in the previous post, the price of fish is much higher than in a Moscow supermarket, but many have concluded that for the fresh fish - the price is adequate. So, what do you think about the prices of spices at the bazaar?Recalculated the lira against the ruble here  and slightly rounded. So you can open the calculator in a separate window and read for yourself. Here are naborchik with spices (I have enough for 5 years - no less!) are from 36 to 48 pounds = 600-800 rubles. 15. Nougat of 38 and 58 pounds, that is, 640-980 per kg.Aphrodisiac! Turkish Viagra! 16. Apricots for 470 rubles per kilogram. 17. 18. 19. 20. The easiest rahat Delight 18 pounds = 300 rubles per kilogram. 21. 22. Tea from 100 to 400 pounds per kg. It's from 1700 to 6720 rubles per kg. 23. 24. How much stuff! 25. Hazelnut - 32 lira = 540 rubles / kg, pistachio 30 pounds = 500 rubles / kg 26. A lot of delicious from 42 lira = 705 rubles / kg. 27. 29. What's this? Dates? 30. Here are the price for 100 grams - 3 to 8 pounds = 50 to 120 rubles. 31. 32. The Turkish market was a place and goods from Greece. But! 33. Standard setter tea. 34. 35. Prices per kilo: 45 rubles = 760 pounds, 70 pounds = 1180 rubles, 85 rubles = 1430 pounds, 140 pounds = 2350 rubles. 36. I know that someone asks, no I slept a little in what kulechek is quiet). Do not sleep, but rahat Delight ate for free, and different, do not end up buying anything! Rahat Delight give a try on every corner. Advertising - the motor trade! 37. Something dried ... 38. 39. What's so interesting? Everywhere there are signs come across: "Ask for Russian and Iranian caviar!" 40. 41. Walnut brown - 18 pounds = 300 rubles / kg 42. 43. Walnut peeled for 34 lira = 570 rubles / kg 44. 45. Yet all sorts of different nuts. 46. 47. Well, outside of the market still sell a lot of stuff. For example, the olives are from 7 to 12 pounds / kg 48. Cheese, 10, 5 - 11, 5 pounds = 177 -193 rubles / kg. 49. Yet all sorts of things! It's edible! 50. Also sell leeches! Home Doctor, 51. And now these prelestnikami finish). Today, all! If you have not read other stories from this trip, pzhlsta, here: Istanbul, Turkey. Transportation - Food - Lodging Istanbul. Fish Market. Kumkapi Balik Pazari Istanbul. Sultanahmet Camii.It really is blue! Istanbul. Miniaturk - Turkey is a miniature Istanbul. The Grand Bazaar. Kapalı Çarşi More on Istanbul: I love Istanbul in early March: a program for 2 days Istanbul. Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque, Istanbul. "East" palace "Topkapi" and "West" palace "Dolmabahce " 
Istanbul. View the city from the Galata Tower and walk along the Bosphorus

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