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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Norway, A Great Trip To Lofoten. Part 1: Planning And Transportation

Норвегия интро
I began a series of stories about the trip by bicycle in the northern islands of Norway, the Lofoten.
Today will tell you about how we planned the route, as ordered tickets and how to start your journey.

The route we started to plan ahead, somewhere for six months, probably. The situation is much easier that the three of us were invited to Norway to one who works there. So got to get the Norwegian tourist card in advance to buy all the tickets without any problems. One of the most important tasks when planning a route to Norway - do not get to loot, as is everything there is a lot of money. My advice on how to reduce costs:
A. To buy tickets in advance: they begin to sell for three months, so do not delay - tickets are getting more expensive every month very much!
Two. All meals, try to bring from Russia where it is 4 times more expensive. Of course, it was dumb to carry fifth sausage sticks in their backpacks, but well-fed Norwegian dogs, fortunately, not scented ...
Three. In Norway, the camping fee is generally very expensive, as hotels. So we stood there at night most of the time with tents: and the very nice, and the nature around without other people, and free is happiness.
4. The machine will be considerably more expensive: pay raises for the ferries, bicyclists, almost free.
The plan we put together something like this 2
A. The entire route (survey map):
Норвегия интро
Two. The route is larger:
Норвегия интро

And plans were as follows:
15-Jul 18:00 - Ljan - Oslo - Lillestrøm
23:27 - Train from Lillestrøm
16-Jul Rognan - Misvær (812 Highway)
17-Jul Misvær - Saltstrumen - Bodo (812, 17 highway)
18-Jul Bodo: Aviation Museum and other attractions.
19-Jul 04:30 - 9:45. 4 conducted: steam Bodø - Moskenes - Værøy
9:00 - 10:00. The alternative: the helicopter Bodø - Værøy
22:45 - 00:15. All together: steam Værøy - Mosknes.
20-Jul Mosknes - Kleivaelva (E10 + 815)
Altarnativny option: on E10 (ie, along the northern coast), plus Fv835
21-Jul Kleivaelva - Hanøy (E10 and Fv888). Without Fv888 will be less than 30km.
22-Jul Hanøy - Kaljorda, boat.
23-Jul Kaljorda - Flesnes - Refsnes - Lake. Storvatnet (road 822, 83, Fv14)
The ferry (!)
24-Jul Day stay.
25-Jul Lake. Storvatnet - Sjøvegan (83, 825, Fv141, 84)
26-Jul Sjøvegan - Svarthollvatnet
27-Jul Svarthollvatnet - Nordkjosbotn
E6 can go round as the 861, 85, 855, 854, Fv184, 858, Fv295
28-Jul Nordkjosbotn - Lyngseidet
29-Jul Day at Lyngsalpan
30-Jul Lyngseidet - Tromse
31-Jul Day Tromse.
20:55 - 23:00 Air Tromse - Oslo.

Actually, such a plan and we stuck the whole way, with small deviations.
So, we have prepared in advance visas (Schengen, it draws the Danish Embassy), and bought tickets for planes, trains, helicopters, and prepared maps - and began to prepare for the route. Oh, and tickets are, in theory, can be ordered online in advance NSB. A ticket to the helicopter - here: ption = com_wrapper & view = wrapper & Itemid = 240
In the summer they were worth 3500r now - expensive.
Plane tickets are ordered: Aeroflot from Moscow to Oslo and Moscow, turned 10 TR in both directions. Well, and two to have to pay for the bike. Here are my tricks: Aeroflot need to send advance request to transport a bike. But you can cheat: I sent a request to 17 kg, but in the end we are part of gear stuffed in a bag on the bike, so it was almost unsupportable. On the way back it allowed us to save the whole baggage, while the forward - bring in all the food for 2.5 weeks.
We had to go through the whole bike to replace a lot of detail put velobagazhnik to buy a huge "veloshtany" on the trunk and pack all the food.
And finally, things are collected, the food in his pants - get to the airport, renting bikes (and they are already in a case similar to koloboks stuffed into bags of clothes, boots, tools), pay for another item of baggage - and floated up to Oslo, with no surprises .
Collected on-site bicycle - and then our trip to Norway has begun. Now we had to get to the other apartments on the outskirts of Oslo.
Three. Here he is handsome loaded:

In Oslo, we decided not to go to the Express, and get acquainted with the Norwegian bicycle path, traveling 65 km to Oslo on their own, with healthy shopping bags on a luggage carrier.
4.Ukazatel in Oslo:

But if you want to go to the Express, then there are 2 alternatives: flytoget or train NSB. The first is 15 minutes, the second - about 25-30. The trains went only up to the summer Lillestrema, and then - transfer to bus. It costs about 1200 rubles (move in NOK!).
Five. Here's a track:

Cycle paths in Norway - is a separate issue. I think you can even invent a new sport - orienteering on the bicycle track. Because they are in Norway very much. They are interwoven, pass under the roads, on highways, in parks and in residential areas - so we got lost a couple of times ... It seems to me that the Norwegian bicycle path takes you to any city.
But, alas, the bike is not too fast ... and we just got through the hours of 10-12, but not for 15 minutes, as an express trip :) But that was worth: the heat and the sun is shining:
6. Fields

7. What the Norwegians are doing around the eyes and say "rashen Style"

Eight. Here they are, the neighborhood of Oslo

9. Day on the packaging ...

10. And checking a bike ...

11. Next we are going through Oslo to Lillestrema, where we expect the first train to Trondheim. Lillestrom remember is this: a man with a hammer in his hand rotating motor in a gray overcast day.

12. And here is our night train to Tronhayma. The train looks like from the inside and the outside is very modern. And it is very easy to use, while traveling almost silently.

13. A bicycle is a single car! In the train of cars five, with one of them - the bicycle. That's not to understand that the Railways and Russian cyclists ... But it is necessary to buy a ticket and hang on his duhkolesnogo friend:

14. In Tronhayme we sit on a diesel train. Trains are interesting to look at home-that-is:

15. And now come true, my one big, long, another childhood dream - to ride this train along the shores of the fjords. It really is a fairy tale: to sit in an old diesel train restaurant, drink coffee and see how the rush by rocks, caves, fishing villages and blue fjords. Do not buy a ticket for a flight to Bodo to get to Lofoten. They do not cost that compared with the diesel.

16.I now - we have finally arrived! We went to the Rognane, not reaching to Bodo. To warm up, look at Saltstraumen (a huge bridge and tidal flow). The path took almost a day, but we hardly noticed the time:

17. The first acquaintance with the local inhabitants:

18. Nature is almost Russian (birch, swamp), and a bit hilly, as the foothills:

19. By the way, we had no acclimatization (as wanted), but a real culture shock on good roads, beautiful parks in the woods and lakes:

20. These are the bus stops:

21. And the beautiful village by the fjord:

22. Of course, at first it was hard to go on such a relief ...

23. That's ended the first day of our journey: we left off in the woods by the lake

In the next section I will explain how we got to the Bodo saw tide Saltstraumen and looked Bodo Aviation Museum. To be continued ...

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