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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

From Istanbul With Love


Today began to disassemble photos of his recent trip to Istanbul. Today will show 10 pieces ... 10 favorite ... Do not ask why these are your favorite ... Just take a look ...From Istanbul with love ... Started Today assorting the Pics from My Last trip to Istanbul .... Will show 10 pics in the blog today ... 10 favourite pics ... dont ask me why these 10 are favourite ... just look ... From Istanbul with love ...

1. Sultanahmet. The Blue Mosque / Sultanahmet. Blue Mosque 2. Shoe shiner near Suleymaniye Mosque / Shoe polisher near Suleymaniye Mosque 3. Fresh juices around the Süleymaniye Mosque / Fresh juices near Suleymaniye Mosque 4. Boy with pigeons near a mosque / Boy with doves near New Mosque (Yeni Camii) 5.Bosphorus, Hagia Sophia and Topkapi Palace / View to Bosphorus, St. Sofiya and Topkapi Palace 6. Cats about Dolmabahce Palace / Cats near Dolmabahce Palace 7.Rose (in the middle of December!) In the garden of the Dolmabahce Palace / Rose (in the middle of December!!!) In Dolmabahce garden 8. From Istanbul with love / From Istanbul with love .... 9. A view of the Bosphorus Bridge near a mosque in Ortaköy / View to the Bosphorus Bridge near the mosque in Ortakoy with your beloved is not rasstravaytes! Go back to your favorite city! / Dont break up with whom you love! Return to the favourite cities! Records on other trips to Istanbul for the tag read " Istanbul / Istanbul ".  / Other posts from Istanbul Read by the tag " Istanbul / Istanbul ". And do not forget to keep an eye on my page on FACEBOOK / And dont forget to Follow My Page on FACEBOOK .










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