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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Dead Sea

Dead Sea is the lowest portion of Earth's land. This endorheic salt lake between Israel and Jordan, and the Palestinian Authority. The water level in the Dead Sea at 425 meters below sea level and falls at a rate of about 1 meter per year. Maximum depth - 378 meters. This is one of the most saline water on earth, its salinity reaches 33.7%.
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1. In the Dead Sea flow into several ephemeral streams and the Jordan River, in the last 40 years, the volume of water flowing down almost 15 times.

2. During the last century the water level dropped by 25 meters.


4. So happened that I was staying at the resort town of Tiberias, which is located on the shore of Lake Tiberias. And to the point of shooting had to travel more than 250 km, it is almost all of Israel. All the way to the sea, we drove along the border with Jordan and the Jordan River. 
To protect its borders Jews fit thoroughly ...

5. For comparison - looks so calm Russian border with peaceful Mongols somewhere on the edge of the Altai land.

6. Border post. Once it is clear that all is well.

7. In Israel, all the way, it is evident from the border in the cut. Plowed strip, an additional way for the military and four lines of fences. Motion sensors, voltage, all things ...

8. And for dessert - a minefield. Against the background - Jordan.

9. Half of our journey took place on the territory of the Palestinian Authority. Sometimes we passed the curious village, but my suggestion to stop and call in ten minutes on a visit to shoot the driver Jew looked at me like I was an idiot and said that even slow down the speed will be. Like, we have Israeli (yellow) number, and it is good that there is still no stones obkidali ...

10. We went as traveling in a car with air-conditioning, and come to the first point shooting.

11. This is where me and giving a lead plate infernal heat. In my entire life I have never been in such a hot place. Sun fun evenly over the head, and he had to hide from no where. For the day, the Israeli military to drink up to five liters of water - so I said to our driver. Now I know why.

12.   Because of the drying sea was divided into two parts, north and south.

13. This - north side. It looks like a normal sea of ​​red-hot stones.

14. Instead of sand on the shore of the salt and colored puddles.

15.   The level is now the road, half a century ago, was still under water.


17.   According to my personal feelings, the street was 50 degrees!

18. Salt rocks.

19. The water in the sea is like a pudding. Only the wind can watch the waves.

20. The fall in the Dead Sea is not the only problem that threatens this unique corner of nature. The last decades of the sea turned into a sewage pit for many Palestinian towns and villages. The situation is aggravated by plastic debris brought by winter floods.



23. I decided to try it tastes. Tried - salt, as salt.

24. The rich mineral composition of salt allowed the Dead Sea has become a unique health resort, which attracts millions of tourists from all corners of the Earth. Pay attention to the thermometer.

25. I swam in the water and instantly find out where I have burrs or minor scratches. 
In addition to the unique composition of salts, the Dead Sea and is known for its healing mud, which are extracted from the bottom of the lake.

26. And this - the southern part of the sea. It is under the control of mineralogical and chemical plants. Enterprises are production of bromine, potassium carbonate and other minerals.

27. Salt crystallization occurs by evaporation of water. For these purposes, the southern part of the sea was turned into a system of interconnected pools.

28. Scientists believe that the violation of the natural process of the circulation of water in the Dead Sea will inevitably lead to environmental disaster.


30. Jordan

31. Here is the southern part of the sea from the satellite.

32. The first harbingers of environmental disaster being felt good today. Lowering of ground water has led to the formation of underground cavities and soil subsidence.



35. Industrial development of minerals and use 80% of flowing into the Dead Sea inflows led to a sharp drop in the water table. Here is the tank with pressnoy water, which is used for the needs of local businesses.

36.   Local transport)

37. Local roads. Excellent quality, by the way.

38. By evening, the temperature was asleep, and it became easier to move down the street.

39. Incredibly smelly chemical plant. Dust hangs in the air, from which the burning in the nose, and I want to sneeze.

40. But overall, it's beautiful ...

41. This photograph was taken in 2500 km from the Dead Sea. 50 years ago, here in Muynak (Uzbekistan), was a thriving port on the Aral Sea. Now the water is gone more than 80 miles!

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