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Saturday, 14 July 2012

Barcelona From Montjuic.

I love to look at the top of the city, and at Barcelona in particular. The city is small and can be seen almost all of it. We were at the Montjuic and the Tibidabo, but must admit that with the most stunning types of Montjuic. We see it all: the central part of the city, harbor, beaches.

The coolest way to climb to Montjuic - a cable car that goes from the metro station Parallel. At the exit of the subway you will see signs on the funicular. 1. 2. Here's a trailer lift you up. For travel on it no need to pay. 3. 4. Next, you are transferring here in these booths, and a glass-bottomed glass, which will take you to the top. Travel at these booths fee. We are, in my opinion, paid 19 euros one way on the two (but could be wrong, since all prices are already confused in my head.) 5. These are the types of windows open cubicles. You can safely sit in the booth in two. No flea market there. 6. 7. 8. 9. That's it! We are on the spot! In the photo Montjuic Castle 10. 11. If you walk around it, open up great views of Barcelona's industrial port 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. And another view of the city! No work on the photo you can see a building sticking Cathedral of the Holy Family (Sagrada Familia) 18. 19. Conversely you can go down as well as rise, but we are not looking for easy ways and crave new experiences. As well as rise, down totally cool! Information for all: you MUST get to the other cable car to Montjuic and down the beach. The road from the fortress Montjuïc will take 10-15 minutes, but it's worth! 20. Spuskaemya down to the cable car 21. On the way to the next cable car station there are views of the Barcelona 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. Oops! Do you see a red wagon on the ropes? It is our goal! It is at such a red van (preferably nobody know what it was all built in the year one) will go down to the beach where we swim, there are mussels and drink their sangria ... 27. 28. 29. Despite the fact that I had already descended on this cable car down, it was scary, and my friend decided to have the courage now in such a wonderful bar with views of the city. 30. Terrace here is amazing. Beauty-Barcelona in front of you! 31. 32. Well, everything! It's time! Goes our van! We are cheerful and happy! 33. Boot and go! 34. Since the van stuffed a lot of people, I advise just to score a seat near the window to make a stunning photo!Going down to the beach! 35. Types of booths. 36. You've probably already noticed that the lower part of the picture as if spread out. So this glass. Nothing could do about it. The camera is raised above the was impossible, as I punch. 37. 38.Leto-sea-beach-Barcelona! 39. 40. Stop! We arrived! Now go down the elevator down and go swimming, sunbathing, drinking sangria and have mussels! But more about that in the next post!

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