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Thursday, 26 July 2012

Travel Notes From Boracay Island. 6 Day

Today is our last day in Boracay. We have a number kindly brought a piece of paper that tomorrow we will carry in 10:30 at the airport on a nearby island Caticlan, where we have a 12.55 flight to Manila and from Manila to Hong Kong. 
Frankly, now wanted to go on a butterfly farm, but instead butterflies came to the village to the black Filipinos ...

A. Good morning! On our island again, the sun shone all day! 2. I think, how long to spend time at the beach today ... 3. This water every day is driving me crazy 4. 5. As a result, almost the whole day spent here and the butterfly farm is not managed, as it closed 6. In the end, the trip to the butterflies ended the trip to the beach kiteboarders and surfers - Bulabog and communication with the local population 7. Bulabog Beach is on the other side of the island parallel to White Beach. It's dirty and therefore not so nice. It's amazing. The same island. On the one hand there is almost no wind and the white sand, on the other - an unrealistic wind and gray sand on the beach with the seaweed and debris that are not removed. 8. 9. Again asked to bring their taxi driver to see how local lives. Hang a couple of pictures. 10. 11. 12. 13. School for seniors 14.Beauty Shop! 15. But the highlight of today's program was a trip to the place where the black philippines (black Filipinos). They are like the blacks, they have darker skin, curly hair as a sponge. 16. Our taxi arrived at the center of the village. 17. Cottage), I came inside. It's very interesting. Be sure to show all the details later. 18. Meet) 19.20. 21. Hangout is! Notice that they differ from ordinary Filipinos darker skin and hair? 22. This is a Filipino kids. Hair - not black philippines) 23. The last sunset on the island paradise. Tomorrow we are waiting for two flights and Hong Kong will open again their arms to us. 24. 25.


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