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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Travel Notes From Boracay Island. 4 Day

Today we had another great sunny day in Boracay, which we spent at the beach of our hotel. But do not think that we are lazy! In fact, today was ordered by a very interesting tour (what? Still a secret!), Which had to be canceled in the morning, as rain was unreal, which began and ended the night just 10 in the morning. I even thought it would be such a terrible rain all day! But by 10 am the rain has ended and I can please you with sunny pictures!

A. I was awakened by a phone call at 8:30 in the morning our travel agent who we booked a tour today at 12.00. Like, everything carries over to tomorrow, as the rain started in the 12 hours of the night, and not stopped until now, and clarification is not expected! Went to the terrace, glanced into the street and agreed to the travel agent.For tomorrow, so tomorrow! 2. Rain unreal! And the whole night was a storm! I thought our cabin would detonate in FIG! 3. But after some 1, 5:00, we went to breakfast and saw THIS! As if the rain was not! That's changed is the weather. The sun was a whole day and only 22 hours it began to rain again. Now I sit and listen to the rain noise on the street ... Miracles! Rain is clearly at night). 4. And after the rain the sea was more than ever these days is beautiful! We were so impressed that they decided not to go anywhere (on any dumps do not hang around), but most of the day to spend at the beach, hospitality and just relax. 5. Winding road turns blue ...) 6. The hat went for a walk 7. Went to the very end of our beach to the rocks, and there were several small beaches and stunning views! 8. 9. We walked here on this track, not knowing what awaits us around the corner ... And around the corner waiting for us tourists, Filipinos, who begged me to take pictures with them the memory of Boracay. Heh! My hat is something like it? 10. A look at our beach - White beach 11. And behind the rock was two lovely wild beach 12. The hat of the sea. 13. Local children 14. Something is anxiously looking for 15. Some hotel ... 16. 17. That's it! Came back! 18. Staff of the hotel! Meet! Good moning, madam! 19. In between sunbathing and swimming on the lounger walked in our White beach 20. Colorful Moroccan restaurant on the left 21. Deckchairs Hotel Ambassador. On the beach I heard a lot of Russian

22. And, of course, a whole day to devote to the beach is not my rules. As soon as the sun began to set, I went to get acquainted with the Filipinos. Yesterday we had an unreal tour, which I have already told, and we saw the live local. Be sure to do a separate post. In the meantime, some pictures of local life. 23. 24. Someone's house inBeverly Hills on Boracay. The other side of Paradise Island. 25. Fishmonger 26. Students. Girl Posing. 27. Palatka Fruit 28. High school schoolgirl caught a taxi to get home from school 29. And this in high school 30. Hi, 31. Well, go at sunset! Today it was totally different! 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. The last rays! Tomorrow is another day!

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