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Friday, 13 April 2012

Georgetown (Penang)

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In Georgetown, about 60% of the Chinese. Therefore, many areas look like this:

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But more still opens the following form:

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It was very surprising that almost no one spoke in English. We asked about 10 times all the way to the pagodas and temples, and only a couple of people we knew and were able to somehow shall declare.Once I got used to that among the Malaysian Chinese knowledge of English is greater than among the Malays.

In Malay Pagoda - pagoda, but with an accent on the second syllable, just as the Russian "weather."

There are many pagodas and temples. I have them from each other is different. It was here in the snake pagoda. There on the seedlings hanging almost motionless snake.

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For the doubters have a special plaque with an inscription that snakes alive, and asking them not to touch.

Offer to be photographed with python (it's python, right?)
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Most importantly, Dzhorozhtaun - the first city of Malaysia, where I saw a specially marked bicycle lanes.

By the way, pay highway from Kuala Lumpur to Penang is ringita 43 - is about 400 rubles., Even petrol 500 rubles. (The distance a little more than 300 km). It turns out that a car to get there almost more expensive than the plane (sometimes with Air Asia are extremely cheap tickets). Well, on a motorcycle is perfectly acceptable: Free entry to the highway and gasoline goes to the order of magnitude smaller.

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