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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia 2

Kuala Lumpur unpleasantly surprised by the ratio of pedestrians. Despite the fact that the city got hundreds of modern skyscrapers, it is convenient for people who did not. To move to Kuala Lumpur only by taxi or subway. However, especially for a walk anywhere. In the city there is a pleasant tree-lined boulevards, the embankments shamefully littered with debris and hidden structures of different people. By the way, as the abbreviated name the city? In English it is called short-KL (Kay-El), but as in Russian? Lumpur?

01. Let's start with Kaula Lumpur. In the center of the city affects the abundance of tasteless architecture.

02. The main monument to bad taste Asian - Petronas Towers. In designing a skyscraper, part Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, who proposed to construct buildings in the "Islamic" style.

03. Others skyscrapers of impersonal and uninteresting. None of attractive buildings in Kaula Lumpur, I have not found.

04. Construction is actively continuing.

Here is the center of the plane.


06. As I said, in relation to pedestrians can understand the level of development of society. In Malaysia, the pedestrian can not be helped. City unprepared for the people. Moreover, over the pedestrians are simply bullied. Malaysians believe that if you do not have a car or motorcycle, you goof. And with lohami deemed not necessary.

07. Pavements terrible. In most cases, the sidewalks just end or blocked by fences. Throughout high curbs and dirt.

08. Even in the very center of the street you can not move normally. At many intersections do not have traffic lights for pedestrians, or they do not work. In the zebra nobody passed. As I said, with "lohami" is not assumed. As a result, people are forced to run across the road, risking to fall under the wheels of the next clunker.

09. I was pleasantly surprised to see a fountain in Central Park for swimming. In Omsk'll make it so. Everyone wants to bathe in the fountains, especially when the street is srashnaya heat. So why in the parks and squares are not fit for bathing fountains of people? Put extra filters at the water bowl and to change it. It is not difficult, and people will be grateful. Of course, this does not apply to the fountains in the historic places and areas. Under the walls of the Kremlin's Okhotny bathed only trash. Gentlemen swim in the park!

10. Look how cool!

11. The children loved it. Excellent point of attraction for the residents. The only thing that darkens the rest in Central Park, a large amount of protection.People with a whistle ban to sit on the lawn and watch that no one is noisy. Just like in school.

12. House with cool water. Here you can drink and wash.

13. In the pedestrian zone of people drive up to the electric vehicles.

14. See how elegant shape with the police.

15. We were pleasantly surprised stormwater device. Lattice every 5 meters. The individual bars on the sidewalks. In such a system will never be puddles. We put the grid at random, eventually turning into the road in the spring of the river. Storm sewer system in Moscow is in urgent need of reconstruction.

16. Rules of Conduct in the mosque. Islam - the state religion. In addition to the Malays in Malaysia, there are many Chinese and Indians. In some cities, the Chinese are the majority. They play cards, drink alcohol, and organized brothels. In general, tempt the faithful Malays.

17. Br-rr-rr. The horror. For the construction of the towers were to be used only materials produced in Malaysia, so it was impossible to provide the necessary quantity of steel construction. Wash 16 000 windows of the tower is one month. The towers are 10 000 people.


19. A typical example. The poor pedestrian is standing and waiting for an opportunity to cross the road. Separate traffic light for him there.

20. The city is actively under construction.

21. Good lighting on the trees.

22. The town has two rivers Klang and Gombak. Surprisingly, given the embankments of the rats. All built up. Instead of having to make a good place for walking, river shyly hid.

23. People are not here.

24. Toilet is 2 rubles. Very rare. Mostly around subway stations.

25. About public transport will be a separate report. Metro on one branch goes without drivers. Travel costs from 15 rubles to 30, depending on distance.

26. Throughout the city there are dedicated lanes for taxis and buses. The system bus is very confusing.

27. Motorcycles - one of the most accessible forms of private transport.

28. The building of the Sultan Abdul-Samad. It was built by the British in the late 19th century.

29. Park nearby. Previously, there was a field cricket. Now a place for public events.

30. Advertising very much. Some companies are fully capture the bus stop. The metro station is completely sealed with some advertising.

31. Night ..

32. That's it. Tomorrow will be interesting.

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