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Thursday, 12 April 2012

Wonder Island Samosir

I came to the island early in the morning on the ferry. Obsessive helpers helped me buy a ticket on the ferry for 30,000 rupees, while the cost it's actually 7000. In general, Indonesia, at least in Sumatra, I was due to such cases is not very much. At the end of the journey I began to hate everyone on the street. But somehow I made that I will write separately, if the mood. By Samosir it does not. Somehow it is not formed this awful rotten atmosphere of tourism. It's all live their lives and no one is imposed to help with suggestions for the money.

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Later in the afternoon, the sky opened up the clouds and beautiful views.

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What can I say? Even without the mushrooms are very nice :-). And if this ride a motorcycle without a helmet and twist his head from side to side - so no photo pass.

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