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Saturday, 4 February 2012

Cities - Islands of Europe

Every one of us sometimes feel like quitting and go far away on some desert island. However, what if this idea did not come only from you, but once in several thousand people, it will not be a desert island, but this populous, and even the historic town of the island, which in Europe, it turns out, is not so a little.

1. City of Lindau in Germany
Lindau - Lindau, in place of the meeting of Austrian, German and Swiss borders in the eastern part of Lake Constance in Bavaria.

2. On the mainland this town connects the bridge and causeway, and lived there for 3 000.

3. Medieval, fahtverkovy city-island is a real tourist attraction in Germany.

4. Lindau symbol - lion, which is what you see when entering the city's harbor, on the other side of the lighthouse, built in the 13th century.

5. In addition, the city has several unique painted on the facade of buildings, and so water activities for children and adults simply do not count.

6. Isola dei Pescatori in Italy
Isola dei Pescatori - Isola dei Pescatori, well, simply Rybakov Island, located in Italy.

7. Live here for only 50 people, so you can fully enjoy the peace of the world.

8. There is a circular embankment and a street running along the entire island.

9. Of course the main activity of the islanders, as they were centuries ago - is fishing, which is very popular with tourists because they are fed by spectacular fish dishes in the local taverns.

10. The width of the island is only 100 meters and 375 meters length. Like to come here courting couples to spend the most romantic date in the world.

11. City of Trogir in Croatia
Trogir - Trogir is one of the most preserved medieval cities not only in Croatia but also throughout Europe.

12. A wide seaside promenade snake winds around the historic city.

13. In Trogir just a unique combination of Romanesque and Gothic architecture, but the main attraction is the Cathedral of St. Lawrence.

14. Today, the central part of town, with lots of temples, palaces and towers, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

15. But townsfolk are busy many tourists, construction of yachts and ships, fishing and wine growing.

16. The town of Nessebar in Bulgaria
Nesebar - Nessebar has been 3000 years of history and not only Bulgarian.

17. This is a real gem of the Black Sea 850 meters in length and width of 300 meters.

18. A narrow causeway, 400 meters long, connects the city with the mainland.

19. How to tell the residents themselves, the churches here more than people. To the north of Nesebar begins the famous Sunny Beach.

20. Already in 1983, because of the abundance of historic buildings, the city was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Today it is home to 10 000.

21. City of Venice in Italy
Venice - Venice, perhaps the most famous island city in the world.

22. In fact, the Italian city lies on the 117 islands connected by 455 bridges. Accordingly, the city runs 150 channels.

23. Today, Venice is slowly sinking into the Adriatic sea water and it makes the Italian authorities seek new methods to preserve the unique historical heritage. If we solve this issue fails, become unfit for Venice accommodation already in 2028.

24. Piazza San Marco during the tides, as well as fall and winter becomes completely submerged.

25. Once the city was the center of the Venetian Republic, and most important city of the Mediterranean.

26. Well, today a huge number of tourists in a hurry to Bridge of Sighs, art galleries and churches, numerous craft shops and of course keep in mind for a lifetime riding the gondola to the sounds of Italian music.

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