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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. In December 2010. Just A Bunch Of Photos From The Capital

CR was the last city in my Asian trip. At first there was a sudden Thailand , then a terrific and enduring roof Bali . And the last 2 days has been "stop-over" in the CL.
Almost without comment to the photos, because as trite for the year are forgotten.
And the picture is not very interesting. But you never know ;-)
In general, a nice view.

Perhaps the negative impression left by the TC because he settled in Chinatown, perhaps because already perenasytilsya impressions after Bali and Ty, I do not know. But Kuala Lumpur I absolutely did not like. Is that the people who, as a whole and in Asia have been good-natured and helpful.

Well after all the same cool, right? ;-)

At symbols clog pohlesche there than we have in Belarus.

Malaysia - a Muslim country. And muslimskih eaten - more than enough. This means that there is tasty)

Malaysia has long been a colony, so you can see where a lot of European architecture.

The entrance to the mosque. I had to walk through the neighborhood, to wait for time to visit the "non-Muslims."

And suddenly hit the Malaysian Police Museum. Unfortunately, it was impossible to shoot inside, but on the street took a couple shots. Who will be in KL - I recommend - really interesting (as I say not a fan of museums in general)

I have already said that the signs do not pay attention? ;-)

The worst nightmare of Minsk drivers))))

Well, do not try kebab in KL - sin ;-)

It was delicious;)

But the tower was not impressed. Apparently, after China and Guangzhou in particular with its new buildings)

And inside;)

The principle of the metro / urban trains in Asia is very similar in all countries. That's the Beijing subway for example.

This artificial snow))) in December, Malaysia, a shopping center. We here in Minsk in January, the children really have not seen snow yet))) In general, it was unexpected and very cool!

And back to Chinatown, where I lived.

A small flea market. Nothing of interest)

Is this an interesting guy.

And on that positive note - I suggest to finish ;-)

Now the way is quite "tasty" prices for Malaysia / Singapore in March / April, given that the Belarusians in these countries no visa is required or not is difficult to get - and why not? 

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