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Monday, 13 February 2012

Travel To Holland

Initially, we planned to take place in Amsterdam just 2 nights, but on the morning after the day of the Queen, we realized that simply physically unable to go anywhere, somehow pulled myself together for dinner. Well we knew in advance that we would delay Amsterdam in its network and canceled the hotel in Brussels, and instead extended the hotel here. With grief in half to three hours, we got out of the hotel and went to just to walk around the city.
(24 photos)

A. The hotel we located near the Amstel river, and as you know in Holland quite popular housing in the rivers, it looks like this.

Two. On the subway reached the central train station and went to wander along the promenade. At first I could not understand what it is sticking out from the buildings.

Three. It turned cruise ship.

4. We are constantly floated by river boats with guided tours.

Five. As you can see there is quite a dense motion :)

6. A copy of the full size of the XVII century sailing ship "Amsterdam" close to the largest science museum «Nemo». This year, we did not get into it, but visited the following.

7. A couple of the side of the city.


9. So how can one not recall the bicycles in Amsterdam. There's even some options.


11. At one point we accidentally walks out into the street, where children dress tricks on ancient bicycles.




15. Then we remembered that we ought to bring a gift to friends and went to the nearest shop. The range they have to say specific.





20. Several evening of cards.

21. By the way, notice how clean, and this is the next after the feast day.


23. Lastly, a little tram ride to the sea through the channels.


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