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Thursday, 23 February 2012

USA: Chinatown. And Again About Food. Delicious And Exotic

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Last Sunday we went to Chinatown. Many of the reason I do not advise it to appear, and of course I went there. How can I not visit this island of the Eastern world, about which so many conversations! In Chinatown a lot of food - the whole area one big market, interspersed with cafes, restaurants, pharmacies, centric Chinese medicine and other things that might attract tourists, natives and the Chinese themselves. 
Smell of Chinatown ordinary, small-town: where to sell fish - smell of fish, where the tea-tea. The Chinese behave differently - or not so friendly as to whom lay the mood. 
I love the variety of food, and best of all - that in Chinatown you can type all for all tastes. Do you want a dish province? here's a spice. Want a different - pick a prescription. Without territorial restrictions and traditional - this is still not Chinese, and all sold one in bulk. I was terribly interesting. My friends bought it with meat, noodles, spices, all sorts of herbs, such as orchids, and cabbage, berries, fruits, etc. Most of the products are imported from China and other Eastern countries.Some certainly intimidating as inexperienced person, but I have always loved and respected oriental cuisine. This is certainly a very cool and very useful place. There you'll find everything you need for a good dive eastern world, to create the eastern colors in your house. Well, or to temporarily find themselves in the east you simply come to Manhattan. 
Traveled on the subway, because there are huge problems with parking. Scored only in the big backpack, and returned home exhausted. In the evening we were again waiting for the wonderful dishes of Oriental cuisine, which often prepares us Ivan - I'll explain another time separately. 

pictures do not really, because I am very disturbed Pup 
All prices are per half kilo 




5. round of eggplant - Thai eggplant 

6.ryadom cabbage - lotus roots. Greenery nearby - we could not figure out what it is. Purple green beans. 

7. fish collapse, further details will be pictures 

8. double price - a division in size. Live crabs, almost everything. Dead selling cheaper 

9.sprava beautiful building - a bank. Strange looks kind of architecture among the Chinese, or vice versa. But then I found it all very nice. 


11. shrimp primarily differ in size 

12. eels and catfish 

13. rare case of a homeless animal in NY. The cat is well out there, he eats fish. 

14. medicinal mushrooms, and roots are all inedible 

15. rows of boxes below: just peanuts or peanut wrapped, black mushroom - the Jewish ear - muer, then - syangu mushrooms - shiitake, top zhuzhba or jujube - a cold, and then karemelizirovannye ginger root 

16.sprava top - dried bamboo leaves - they wrap meat and fish cooked on the coals. Noodles houfen 

17. pink tasteless crap - Pitahaya or dragon fruit. Near rambutan - very extravagant fruit, I is contradictory visual and gustatory emotions 

18. every kind of dried rice noodles and starch. 

19. very exotic 

20. In the bottom row of dried scallops, dried shrimp, anchovy, top: dried squid and zhuzhuba 

21. Durian - the king of fruits, it is very tasty, but very smelly. Here he is in ice cream form. It is forbidden to bring into public places because of the smell in Malaysia and Indonesia, for example. 

22. syangu mushrooms (fragrant mushroom) placers - 

23. stores were not allowed to shoot me, but there anturazhno 


25. architecture delivers 

26. the bottom row of dried mushrooms, shark fins, and much more obscure at all 

27. here, but this stuff is very expensive - it trepang , sea cucumbers, vermiform. They are soaked first, then boiled, then eaten. Yet it is called sea ginseng - very useful for potential 

28. and in this restaurant we went to eat - so we ate, three $ 40, get drunk from the belly and still it was too expensive. Lured us to the Peking duck. 

29. Pursyur still sleeping peacefully. He woke up when I went to the toilet. 

30. Cantonese duck is a dish that is smoked duck 

31. This dish dryer chou - rice noodles with beef and green onion - there is still waving the seedlings 


33. If a cafe sitting alone Chinese - means you have successfully logged, so there's so delicious, that can be swallowed tongue 

34. Fox also has decided to refresh 

35. Fresh rice noodles, raw, just do it 


37. gaylan - Chinese broccoli 

38. bitter cucumber \ bitter melon - that's what wrinkled. view inn near 

long green - it lufa - delicious sponge 

40. Snake Beans - snake beans 

41. outer wall supermarket where we bought a lot of that. They sell everything that can be 

42.zaplyvayut lobsters 

43. large crabs 

44. top placers of snails and clams to throw out a number of "languages" 

45. snails and clams 

46. oysters and brine 


48. salmon, something incomprehensible, bondage, butterfish, flounder, and something else - a good sign ahha I turned 

49. Jellyfish 


51. giant onion 

52. Giant Potatoes 




56. black chicks are healing in Korea, next to corpses quail 

57. pig snout 

58. leek and aloe leaves 

59. Lemon Gras - lemon grass, then the roots of burdock - a tasty salad, and yams 

60. mushrooms simedzi - imported from Shanghai 

61. Sweet potatoes and yams 

62. mushrooms. right - the mushrooms eringi 


64. broccoli for some reason is on the ice 

65. smokehouse 

66. fried tripe, cuttlefish and even that is 

67. scar on the right and left - the colon or pussy 

68. stigmas 


70. dead rooster 


72. green algae from the bottom, white tubers below bamboo shoots 


74. then we went into the dry part of the supermarket - which sell groceries and dairy \ test \ soybean 

75. Japanese sweets mochi rice 

76. all kinds of rice every kind 

77. upakovochki dumpling dough 

78. frog - also for sale for food 

79. corpses of turtles 

80. I was obsessed with food, so that everything else I had neither the strength nor the desire - as I'll go to my father so I'll show you everything. This showcase attracted me. How did everything beautifully 




From Chinatown bordering Little Italy. We have not been there, ran only on half an hour in the restaurant to eat a portion of tiramisu, change clothes fox diaper (on the table!) And to drink decaffeinated coffee. We were offered ice water - free, but we refused. That's because in NY drink tap water and normal feeling. is another local oddity, the same as everywhere stupid unwashed fruits and vegetables, including those that offer a packaged salad or other food. Meanwhile, in America people are dying from listirioza, and - surprisingly - one of the solutions offered are still wash fruits and vegetables, may be then more deaths will be.

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