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Saturday, 11 February 2012

Travel To Turkey 3

Istanbul elected and red

To really completely do away with the electoral and political theme, started the morning post - here you have a makeweight in the "elective" pictures from Istanbul. Remember, I wrote some fresh impressions of being on the spot? Now - white dance pictures :)
There will be a well-Istiklal Street, the interiors of the Russian consulate, blessed with a green form of a lamp inside the election booth, an old tram protesters Turkish red. In general, a sort of hodgepodge on the topic of the day.

Here is the "hammer and sickle," the Turkish Communists gear instead of the sickle

Two. Istiklal Street (now - Independence, formerly the Grand Rue de Pera) was built in the late XIX century, and resembles a stone well - narrow with massive domischami. If it were not for its narrowness, it would remind me of the Great Avenue. on Petrogradka. And so, it is too narrow - I do not really like it. At the bottom everywhere dense shade, the sun at the top.

Three. On it goes so-called "Nostalgic tram", a one-way razezdom middle. Interestingly, it is included in the overall city rate, and it works perfectly normal akbil. On it I will have a more detailed account (in terms of transport), and video. Now - picture only for impressions

4. Consulate General of the street is extremely difficult to notice: it is not a facade to the street, and below, on a slope running down to the Bosphorus. On the street just grating, and the checkpoint booth, such as guardhouse. However, if you go inside, then on the way down the hill now called the palace. Origin and history of its construction, I do not know, perhaps even that it belonged to all of Tsarist Russia.
(UPD: yes, indeed, was built for the Russian Empire in the 1837-45 years., here the story of the building details)

At the entrance I was searched, enlightened, and asked to show a passport. The area carefully insulated from the outside world, a high fence with a bunch of cameras. Then, after passing a cordon, in the longer one did not get. Walk, take off.

Five. Hall with the state flag is made in white.

6. Right - the polling station. In normal times, apparently, is a representative hall.

7. Three voting booth, I signed up, gave an absentee, and went to the center - one that Intermedia marble girl and a young man.

Eight. All cabins are such nostalgic green lamp retrogradskim bias.

9. On each side of the room - a few pictures, here is one of them. Unfortunately, the central staircase was blocked by elected structures.

10. Then out of the consulate and walked toward the square. Taksim. There, the crowd thickened, look - the way of a rally. Worth something, excitedly say, posters against capitalism. Well, something like Occupy Wall-Street.

11. Then in the course of some dude gave an interview, just three TV channels, according to the fabrication on the microphones. I walked over and snapped this scene too.

12. And this is how the building looks on the Turkish hammer and sickle (photo on the cover - large). Especially artificially lowered the contrast to show a little bit lower, darker part of the street-the well.

0. Introduction
A. City Cat

To be continued.

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