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Saturday, 11 February 2012

Travel To Turkey 1

He returned to the shores of the Bosphorus

He returned from the Bosphorus busurmanschiny. Good evening!
In the reviews so far have no strength, just a few cards.

Busurmanskaya train arrives

Two. The first thematic position when it is - then on kotoff. In "Diamond hand" saying - "Istanbul - a city of contrasts," but I would add "... and cats." In general, my picture of what the city is the cat's Eurasia - is Odessa, a very shaken after the trip. Perhaps even a few pokoshachey Istanbul will be.

Cat on a background of the church of St. Irene

Three. Fish Market in Kumkapi. Visited two of the direction of the market, too, will write a post. Note, incidentally, that the boys from the fishing guild - strictly the same boots. Ordnung!

4. My dear and beloved Ataturk Constantinople Military Academy (Class, where he studied). All students - in Fez, but he - no. And why not? Because 25 years after graduation, forcibly cancel the traditional Ottoman clothes, under pain of criminal penalties for possession - as we have Peter I. So why a fez on it and not clothed.

Five. The local tram. Actually, about the transport will be the traditional big story, perhaps even in two parts (ferries and the rest). Watch for the material, and the place I have tried almost everything except trains from Haydarpasa, and the second oldest tram in the Asian part.

6. Separately - the story of the train. They're just a holiday, a real song of the Art Nouveau. Well, that did not have time for porazrushat govnohayteka, both in Vienna, and now all of this monument.

7. Consider also the city skyline for integrity - as Constantinople and Istanbul.

Sunset on the Golden Horn Bay

Eight. The local trade - huge for me napryazhno. However, the same show - a bit like I was there as an observer. P. Nyikos second examination of the difficult and dark landscapes, as well as discreet filming urban scenes through the use of Live View valiantly withstood - so I'm very happy that I have it. The second operating chamber, alas, was not with them (repair) ultrazoom here and there was not enough.

PS. From the piano tape ahue. Striking an almost complete shutdown of critical picture of the world have quite a few (in a normal period) users of adequate and stable availability of a network of psychosis with escalating hysteria. Indeed, history teaches us nothing. However, the later shall explain about it, there and express your feee, and now - to rest.

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