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Saturday, 11 February 2012

Travel To Turkey 2 ( Istanbul - A City Of Cats )

Istanbul - a city of cats

For smooth and relaxed introduction to the new topic, as well as lifting and hangover-the Monday of the public mood - Istanbul Romer promised. Many different - Index-port, Byzantine ruins, railway and other subspecies.

Nintendo cat behind the fence of St.. Sofia

Two. Fisherman. Near the Galata Bridge. Fun live fish, mostly small.

Three. Fruit, in the doorways to the lift Galata Tower.

4. Gift, at the foot of the Tower.

Five. Mosaic ... and in front of the gift (see photo 4).

6. Fish and insolent (frequenter of the fish market at the pier of Golden Horn Bay).

7. In an alley near the Cathedral of St. Sofia.

Eight. The same.

9. Chorny, the district of Sultanahmet.

10. Chorny, quiet pozdnovechernie crannies at the back of a giant market Laleli.

11. This - the most memorable. Late in the evening had come for us in the Blue Mosque, and then escorted to the streets on the way up to the Sofia regularly appearing side by side, and after a 20-minute tracking dog was identified near the gate of Topkapi and the result is forced to flee up a tree. And then I had to take it with you, for firmness and affection :)

12. Railway, the platform Kumkapi. It was strictly on the rails, apparently, loves the work is, and that's how he survives - I do not know :)

13. Asian / train station to the Haydarpasa.

14. European / train at the station Sirkeci. A little later one of them, red, gracefully jumped on the head of Ataturk, located in the same place, but I have not had time to catch this sacred moment.

15. Port and ferry, the ferry at the pier in the Golden Horn Bay.

16. Ottoman, in the courtyard of the Suleymaniye Mosque.

17. The same (see photo 16), but the gate area. Alas, not reconfigured the camera after shooting interiors of the mosque so poorly. However, consider it an artistic photograph - for them smeared forgivable, since the "I see" :)

18. Also the Ottoman near Fatih Mosque.

19. And it has already gone Byzantine cats. Near the church of St. Irene.

20. Near the ruins of the Byzantine era Valens.

21. Attraction "find the cat" on the wall even Byzantine brickwork.

22. On the ruins of the Temple IV century cracking good risotto. But once, in 381 AD, there was held the Second Ecumenical Council ...

23. Oh, and for dessert, cable katushekot.

In general, Istanbul - "City of Contrasts cats." Honest!

The next series will be more serious and dedicated to the mentality of the population and characteristics of the Turks of Istanbul.

0. Introduction

To be continued.

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