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Thursday, 23 February 2012

North Vietnam. Sapa And Its Surroundings


In the month of May in the northern mountains of Vietnam damp and foggy. On the day of my arrival in Sapa all day the rain poured. So when the next day he finally stopped, I walked out of the hostel and walked aimlessly. 

Generally, this method of investigation of unfamiliar territories as "aimlessly" closest to me:) He certainly does not work in such places such as Kamchatka, where I recently returned - without a map and a clear orientation of where you can easily end up in full Jean 
Here, even if will be covered in fog and visibility is zero, there is always one to turn to for help, the local Aboriginal people - just not give up. 


To get to Sapa, I'm on his arrival in Hanoi at the airport I bought a ticket on the night train to Laokaya. 
As it turned out, it was easy to buy the ticket at the train itself \ train station and at the same time save 200 rubles for our money. 
Sam ticket cost 800 rubles and I went in not the cheapest car. 

Morning in Lao Cai moved to Mini Bus. Since this is no problem - the service established. Before Sapy rode for four hours it seems, can not remember. 
Almost all of the time there was rain and the mountains only occasionally and briefly opened under the shroud of fog, so the way to remove fails, even though at times spectacular views. 


Sapa - a fairly large town by local standards, fully sharpened by tourists. Hotels of different levels here in bulk and on arrival it was easy, having walked through the streets to find shelter for 300 rubles. per day. For the money I got a big room with balcony, two beds, a TV set, shower and toilet, only without the air conditioner, and he did not need at this time of year. 

The following day, resting from the flight movements and watched from the balcony of lame duck - by foreigners, leaving in the track under umbrellas and accompanied by local "conductors."Why pay good money for the opportunity to stroll through the neighborhood Sapy - namely, that usually is the essence of this track - I do not understand. It is impossible to get lost, and the locals seemed to me, and not hurt a fly. 
So the next morning, when they finally cleared up, I went "aimlessly". 

Terraces - perhaps this is one of the main chips of the local landscape, then, for what basically go here and tourists. 
Indeed, their number and scale of amazing! 
In Russia and in exactly the place nothing really can not grow, and now every square meter on a fairly steep cultivated and bring harvest. 


Peasants live in such houses here, and it's still a fairly decent housing, it is even worse .. 


Working together. Long seen as a bunch of peasants swarmed on a small plot of land - seem prepared to build a platform of the future house. 


but this team handles the crops. Plow, as the bees - a hard-working Vietnamese can not refuse! 
But the impetus for their work, as always, is most likely just a desire to feed his family and, following the propaganda slogans of the ruling party, bring a "bright future". 
We have this long gone, and Vietnam - still believe! :) 



You may think that I shot this footage from a helicopter, in fact, sat on the hillside - just pretty steep hillsides here. 


but, it seems, those "trackers", accompanied by guides, walking for the money, where you can do it for free:) 


Terrace as it is structured so interesting landscape, giving it a certain order, such an effect "3D" 




Among the countless bands and not just uglyadite livestock - buffalo grazing on the slopes. And yet here we see how water flows in streams from one garden to another. A clear excess water here - 100 percent humidity and rain every day - what happens to a lot of moisture? 


I went down the slippery clay slopes down to come across little hovel, but people can not see - all at work. 


Rebyatnya when he saw me, rushed to meet him. Communication consisted of placing objects in disbelief and trying to say something in his native Vietnamese. 
Money did not seem to ask, or I do not understand:) 


It looks like picking berries in the bucket. 



Although water everywhere, but it's so hot and thirsty, having to ask for water, the young Vietnamese women, sitting in front of his house and embroidery design on a napkin. Long gestures to explain what I want - probably gestures that express the "drink" the Vietnamese are treated as something completely different. Finally, "dopetrila" and invited me inside. 

Well - the house ... under the canopy, is not so hot. I finally poured water from a sooty kettle. Well sat - looked at each other, and then what? 
I uttered a few words in English did not cause any reaction. 


Thanks a good hostess and even went further. 
The next time you talk about a peasant boy, practicing hard petting with regard to domestic animals) 
No, child pornography will not, do not expect - but fun! 

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