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Friday, 10 February 2012

Relax Holiday On The Island Wyan, Yasawa Archipelago, Fiji

Relax holiday on the island Wyan, Yasawa archipelago, Fiji (Waya Island vacation, Yasawa group, Fiji).
For a change I want to tell you about an unusual place in the Pacific Ocean, where my wife and I spent a few magical days. Visiting including large chain hotels on the coast, we have a variety of programs is almost a little family run hotel, Octopus Resort on one of the Yasawa group of islands located in the west of Fiji.

1. If we talk about authentic vacation, but a small resort in Fiji - it is just what you need. Generally, all employees live in a nearby village and a very sincere and good-naturedly refer to the tourists. The procedure for meetings and guest conductors are not accompanied by some performances, and by staff - maids and cooks gather on the shore and under the leadership of the local caretaker or bartender delaying life-asserting vstrechatelnuyu or touching farewell song.

2. Yasawa islands are very beautiful, when I first saw pictures of this small archipelago, it has conceived a desire to go there and now the dream is gradually coming true. Several dozen island in geochronology are in the middle of their life and their volcanic origins are still clearly visible. In the center of each island there is still a mountain, and the edges have already been formed outside the reef and designated beaches. A few million years the mountain will go under water and remains a classic atoll with a lagoon.

3. Personally, I prefer the younger volcanic islands, where there is poissledovat and where to walk. As a rule, they are better in terms of fresh water and vegetation (as mountains catch the clouds and trigger rainfall), there are growing fruits and vegetables, more space and beautiful views. Flat older (10-15 Ma) island atolls, although they may boast the best beaches, but on the part of the space there is not much. From the large island remained somewhat low sandbars with modest area and located on the edge of the lagoon.

4. Journeying by boat along the island ridge Yasawa here and there you notice small secluded beaches which are the resorts. At Yasawi about 30 resorts for every taste, from expensive and exclusive to cost bekpakerskih options with a dormitory for a few people. The proximity of the resort has to move between them, so that in the region are popular resort packages for a certain number of nights, for example 13, and during this period, you can stay at various resorts, surfing on the Yasawa Flyer catamaran between islands.

5. We chose the Octopus Resort for the entire period since movement was enough and wanted porelaksirovat few days. The resort is located on the island of Waya, on its western side, facing the open ocean. Probably, something caught diving resort name, because Octopus means octopus. Overall stay very much and left pleasant memories, we can safely recommend this place to visit.

6. The resort is one of the longest beaches in the Yasawi, and its position to the prevailing winds are almost always guaranteed to calm waters. Land development is right on the beach and all the infrastructure a little deeper into the jungle ennobled, stretching along the shore for 300 meters.

7. Despite the fact that the resort is very simple and without the slightest hint of exclusivity, he stands above the average compared to its neighbors and the public is very versatile and software. In general, Australians, New Zealanders, many Americans have been here a few couples from Europe, Russian, except us, was not.

8. The basis of allocation - these are now detached double bungalows, called on local Mburu (both pronounced the word Bure). Made from local materials, eco-tourism in its purest form. Mburu can be as unpretentious and expensive, it all depends on the imagination of builders resort.

9. Inside, all neat and minimalistic. Air-conditioning is not provided, but the sea and it is not necessary, breezes bring cool, and when there is rain, even chilly. When placed in traditional bungalows in Fiji should be prepared that will be a bathroom in the annexe on the outside and shower area, as a rule, generally in the open. You can wash and look at the starry sky.

10. To entertain guests managing the resort organizes a variety of entertaining and interesting events. Tentative plan for the week is always written on the blackboard, and since everything is quite local, the different shows and competitions are not left unattended and visitors find their participants and spectators.

11. It so happened that we found a new moon and the amplitude of the tides was evident. At certain times the sea came up almost under the beds, leaving only a few meters of sand, and sometimes cast, exposing the intertidal zone with the simplest fauna.

12. The resort also all stripped from coconut palms to avoid the risk of incidence of ripe fruit on the unlucky tourist, but if you go away, it is full of coconuts. Wanting the opportunity to meet the primitive instinct of mining and cutting of coconut.

13. Every evening for newcomers arranged a traditional Fijian ceremony of drinking kava. On the islands of Oceania are grown drunk pepper and kava is prepared by soaking in water frayed roots. Every house here has such a ceremonial pelvis, which poured water and get soaked rag wrapped up in it with powder. The less water, the more zaboristaya a mixture.

14. Kava drink with family or friends, so initially at the ceremony is a very positive energy. All sit in a circle, take turns drinking from half a coconut, clap their hands, give their names. Someone is trying once, someone wants to more fully experience the effect and applied several times. . The taste of bitter, with a small amount of no effect, drink more - it's an amateur. You can just say that Fijian kava relaxing effect, causing an increase in talkativeness and a desire to sing a plangent song

15. Impact on the Europeans varies, but definitely some sedative effects are. If you look in the eyes of tourists at the beginning of the ceremony, you can feel beset thoughts such as: "a suspicious view of a fluid," "I wonder where they keep the ceremonial bucket and how often it clean," "hope cava bartender washed his hands before going to the people ", etc., then after a few sips everything ustakanivaetsya, dissolve misgivings and the ceremony is transformed into a bright and informative event.

16. After the kava party is the thing the next morning to go hiking to the summit of the island. The total length of road about ten miles, and the path goes through the scenic hills, beaches, local village. Complete the tour relies local Aboriginal guide, so that the chances of getting to be increasing.

17. Crossed the Isthmus get on the other side of the island, where is one of the local villages, the residents at 100. The proximity of the village and the resort is not by chance, in agreement with the elders, the Europeans used the land and make investments, and the local population gets the job market and the profit.

18. The village is picturesque. Tropical habitation does not have to self-discipline and ingenuity to survive, so all looks crudely and relaxed. Mixing the traditional way of life and Western values ​​give a funny result.

19. Fijians at home on vacation. A couple of hours aunt would wear uniforms and the spa, work on the hotel kitchen. I must say that they have obtained quite good, of course, all the controls manager in Europe (live at the resort with his family), and 90% of the staff all village Fijians.

20. What's in a village lot, so it hryushek, as for residents of small island communities in the Pacific pig is one of the most important elements of life and living. All uneaten salads tourists find their consumers here.

21. The path winds through rugged terrain, gradually rising higher and higher. On the road you can see on bananas, tapioca, papayas and other fruits.

22. Occasionally have to wade through the jungle, stepping over the abundant streams and jumping on huge boulders left over from the flows of basaltic lava.

23. Vertex closer, the vegetation gives way to the bushes and high grass, elevation about 400 meters above sea level. Start walking at 8 am, noon, the group reaches the highest point of the northern island of Waya.

24. View from the top wonderful, neighboring islands at a glance. Far below, one can see a familiar local villages.

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